Campus Cutie: Amber Wynne


This week’s Campus Cutie is Amber Wynne! Amber is a second-year pre-nursing major from Columbia, Maryland. She is involved in the following organizations on campus: Generation Action, Women’s Caucus, Student Recruitment Team (SRT), and Student Nursing Association (SNA). Amber also has her own skincare company called Amber Ivy Skincare.

HC: What made you want to get into skincare?

AW: Growing up, I had many insecurities about my appearance. My skin used to be covered in acne with an immense amount of scarring. I felt like the “ugly duckling” all the time, and this was when I realized that I didn’t love myself. I got into skincare because, to me, it is therapeutic. I not only was getting rid of my acne and scars, but I started to learn to love myself. This is the reason why I created my skincare brand, Amber Ivy Skincare, as well. My brand is all about self-love and growth. I hope to encourage and inspire others through my skincare to grow along with me on this journey to overall better health, both mental and physical.

HC: What are some of your skin care tips?

AW: First things first, you should see a dermatologist to discuss your skin type, and see if you have any skin sensitivities. Through my dermatologist, I found out that I had dry sensitive skin, which means I have to focus on using products that are still effective enough to cleanse my skin, but not so harsh that I break out. Don’t pick at your acne, ensure that you are getting enough sleep, and please make sure you hydrate your skin. No matter your skin type, it is essential to replenish your skin. Finally please take a minimum of one hour a week and dedicate it your “self love” time. Every Sunday, religiously, I do self care Sundays. I simply put on a face mask, pull up Grey’s Anatomy, and relax -- it doesn’t have to be complicated. Put yourself first, love!

HC: How do you feel when everyone on campus says you look like Ella Mai?

AW: It’s actually really weird to me because she is one of my favorite artist. Honestly, I don’t see it. I think we have similar hair and skin tone, but other than that I don’t see it. I absolutely love everything she stands for with self-love and female empowerment, so being compared to her is a huge compliment. Wait till “Boo’d Up” or “Trippin” comes on -- you will see me lip syncing my heart out anywhere.

HC: What do you want to do to help better your community/campus?

AW: I am beyond passionate about women’s health and mental health. As Black women, we forget to put ourselves first and, more often than not, it tears away at our health. I hope to enlighten the community on health issues that greatly affect Black Women as a whole, such as breast cancer and high mortality rates while giving birth. In addition, I want to highlight concerns that we have here at Hampton such as proper birth control options. As the majority on campus, we deserve to feel empowered, and I plan to be a big voice behind that movement.

HC: How does it feel to be inducted into the Student Government Association?

AW: This fall I was inducted into the Student Government Association (SGA) through Women’s Caucus. In high school, I was never in SGA because it was a popularity contest, and I never felt comfortable joining an organization that wasn’t about making a change. Now that I am in Women’s Caucus, I love the ideas and the work that we have planned for the school year.

HC: Is there anything that you know now that you wish you knew last year?

AW: I wish I was more okay with failure. I am a beyond hard working student and getting anything below a B- is a failing grade to me. Since coming to Hampton, I had to get used to not doing well at everything, and having to work harder. Eventually I realized that college is about making mistakes and all the matters is how you react to it afterwards.

HC: How are you involved on Campus?

AW: I am currently in Women’s Caucus, Student Nursing Association (SNA), the Student Recruitment Team (SRT), and Generation Action where I serve as the Community Service Chair.

HC: What are you looking forward to this semester?

AW: I can’t wait to fall more in love with my major. I just finished learning about the heart and vessels, and now I am working on the endocrine system. I know that sounds really nerdy, but I’m obsessed with learning how and why my body does what it does. It’s a lot of hard work, but I’ve never been happier. Catch me in my scrubs living my best life.

HC: Do you have any advice to give to the freshman class of #HU22?

AW: Be genuine. A lot of people at Hampton try too hard to be liked. Whether it is to get into organizations or friend groups. College is about your growth as an individual, and you should not compromise yourself to be liked by anyone. This is your journey and your experience!

To keep up with Amber follow her on Twitter: @xmber_x and Instagram: @xmber.x