Campus Celebrity: Sienna Nelson

This week’s Campus Celeb is Sienna Nelson. She’s a GRADUATING senior, political science major from Maple Shade, New Jersey with an emphasis and passion for fashion!

HC: When did you realize you had a true passion for fashion?

SN: When I got to school. I didn’t really know where my place would be on the campus. So, I guess I’ll say once I started taking pride in what I wore.

HC: What made you decide to start White L’ephant?

SN: About two summers ago, around June, I was bummed out about not having an internship, so I started going thrifting. I mean, I thrifted in high school too so I decided to start thrifting again. Then I realized that a lot of people started asking me about my outfits and where I got my clothes from so that’s what started it.

HC: When it comes to thrifting, do you try to find unique pieces or do you choose anything that catches your eye?

SN:  I’m actually very particular about what I choose! I look for one of one pieces. I look for pieces that are in good condition and good shape.  


HC: What was your inspiration to start your business?

SN:  Hampton University’s campus! Everyone on campus is starting a business or already has a business. People on campus have a passion for what they do. No one judges you and I think diving into something I would be great at gave me that push to start my business.


HC: Is there a fashion icon that inspires you?

SN: No, I think fashion changes often but there are certain periods that I’m into. I’m into like the 80s and 90s fashion. I like that vintage look. So, I would say fashion eras are what inspire me more.

HC: If you could choose one article of clothing or accessory that expresses you, what would it be?

SN: Shoes! I like bright colors, I love sparkles so extra sparkling shoes. Heels with different colors and heels with a lot of sparkles, and sneakers are a most. I think shoes really make an outfit. If you have a simple outfit but your shoes are nice it really brings out that outfit.  


HC: What is your definition of fashion?

SN: Wearing what you want.


HC: What’s next for you in the future? Do you plan on pursuing fashion as a possible career?

SN: I really don’t know. It’s actually been taking sort of a toll on like what I wanna do. I’ve been doing political science for four years, it’s what I know. So, to think like is this really what I want to do, is kind of scary. It’s just really scary to think about it. It’s kind of like an emotional rollercoaster. Like, right now it’s a side hustle but hopefully I can merge law and fashion. We’ll see!