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Campus Celebrity: Brandon “Bsmoove” Monroe

Brandon Monroe is a 3rd year Music Education Major from Connecticut. He is one of the Hampton University Drum Majors, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and the Executive Director & CEO of BSmooveProductions, LLC.


HC: What inspired you to start your clothing line?

BM: Aspirations of increasing my revenue with the sole purpose to purchase better quality music equipment solely sparked the flame today. As a freshman when I saw brands like DMNT and TWOZZ I said to myself “Why not me?” and I did it.


HC: What are you most thankful for in your relationship?

BM: In my relationship, I am most thankful for trust and open communication. I can definitely count on my girlfriend to say the right thing and in return, she can count on me to be honest and tell the truth. We are the right kind of opposites.


HC: How is balancing being drum major, Greek, a student, and an entrepreneur?

BM: It is very hard and I would not recommend it to anyone who is just looking for some “clout”. What I do is very demanding but also very rewarding. At the end of the day I just have to make sure that my mind, body, and soul is healthy because I cannot function, and then I would fail to fulfill all my duties.


HC: Who is your target audience for your line?

BM: My target audience for the apparel is anyone who has a passion for music whether it be the everyday listener, other producers, writers, dancers, or whoever. But my favorite customers are those who support the brand because they see my passion and see it leading me to a road of success and I appreciate those customers even more for believing in the dream.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BM: In 10 years I will be 31. Wow. Ok so in 10 years I expect to be living my best life, family and all, with writing and production credits being my main source of income. BSmooveProductions LLC. will have its own building where various artists can come in and create and we will have A&R and engineers on staff to help facilitate these artists dreams.


HC: What instruments do you know how to play, when did you learn how to play them, how did you learn, and what’s your favorite?

BM: Of the 6 that I can play scales on, I’ll claim 3 that I play well enough to show a little something something. Those 3 instruments are violin, trumpet, and piano. I started playing the violin at 6, trumpet at 9, and piano at 12. By far I say I am the best at piano because it is the one I practice the most! I took lessons for about a year and a half in 7th grade and since then I’ve been steadily growing my skills and my craft.


HC: When choosing schools, what did you like about Hampton to make your decision?

BM: When choosing schools Hampton’s location and scenery was a big factor. But I also wanted a place that I could feel at home as well as make an impact. Plus with the scholarship, I received told me this was the place.


HC: How did BSmooveProductions, LLC come about and what is its purpose?

BM: BSmooveProductions, LLC developed out of a passion to create. “We Make Good Music” is the motto and the purpose of this production company is to provide a place for new artists and aspiring artists to create their portfolio and receive insight on the music industry from myself, who is a music education major but also a student of the industry.


HC: Is there any new content coming out and where can we download it?

BM: We are dropping a single this Monday, April 2nd titled YOU written and produced by myself, Brandon “Bsmoove” Monroe ft. TEO and it will be available on all your favorite streaming platforms!

HC: Why do you have a tattoo of your logo?

BM: I have a tattoo of my logo to remind myself that my brand is more than just a thing I’m doing in college, it is a lifestyle and I will continue to grow and develop every day. It is a constant reminder of my purpose and a reminder to walk in the gift that God has given me.


Keep up with Brandon and his brand on Twitter and IG @_b_smoove

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