6 Things Guys Do Wrong

Sometimes in relationships guys don’t get certain things right. Granted, neither do women. Both sexes don’t really know everything about the other so it is guaranteed that something will go wrong. It just so happens that guys do some things wrong on multiple occasions and it is time to call them out... here are a few of them. 

1. Talk to girls who flirt with him

‘That’s just Leah, she’s cool, we’re just friends..” Nah b! Even when you are talking to someone who is just a friend in your eyes… she might not seem like just a friend to your girlfriend. She’s a girl too and probably knows Leah’s intentions. 

2. Take too long to reply

Every girl gets excited when they talk to you after a long day. She probably wants to let you know everything about her day or plans for tonight and you’re probably taking too long to reply. That is literally so annoying. 

3. Ignore her for the game

All girlfriends know how much you love NBA 2k-whatever and FIFA but damn, can a girl get an ounce of attention? As if we don’t get the rest of it… but still!

4. Errands

When he calls you, because he forgot what he was supposed to get from the store…Please write down everything that your girl tells you before you leave the house.  You don’t have super powers and I’m pretty sure you’re going to forget something. She told you to go to the grocery store for 5 things… you forgot 4 of those things.

5. Planning


Every guy I know is terrible at plans… please make sure that when you are making plans, you know the 4 W’s and the H. Who? What? When? Why? How?  If you don’t think you can do it on your own… ask for help.