6 Springtime Date Ideas for You & Bae

Springtime is finally here and its time to get outside! Who better to go explore the great outdoors with than bae! Grab your beaux and head out the door for the most fun springtime dates!

1. Picnic in the Park

Grab a basket, your favorite foods and head outside to your local park. Fruit and veggie trays are super easy to make or find in your local grocery store. Or you can make it super cute and make your own lunch while you’re there. You can’t go wrong with PB&J sandwiches or your favorite meat. Don’t forget the lemonade! Make sure you go in the early or late afternoon when it’s not too hot. Nobody wants that midday heat.

2. Go Fishing

Fishing is always so much fun. You get to catch dinner for later and compete against your boo! This is fun for girly girls and tomboys! Who doesn’t like to get a little dirty every once in a while? Make sure you get live bait. Even though the worms are gross, it’ll make your fishing trip even livelier.

3. Do an Outdoors Workout

This is a great time to head outside and break a sweat! There are so many options. You could do yoga in the park, find a jogging trail, go for a hike or even walk around your neighborhood. No matter what you do, take advantage of this beautiful weather. You’re killing two birds with one stone; staying fit and spending time with bae.

4. Fro-Yo Time

Some people can eat frozen yogurt and ice cream year round, but this is the perfect time to go try out some new places. Frozen yogurt is super tasty and refreshing. Most frozen yogurt shops are super cute and make for great date spots.

5. Amusement Park Date

If you aren’t a fan of sweat but love roller coasters and wave pools, now is the time to head to your favorite amusement park. Going in the summer time is fun, but you know just how hot it is. Throw on a comfortable outfit, head for the roller coasters and find your inner child with your bae by your side.

6. Outdoors Concert

If you and bae are into music, try to find outdoor concerts in your area. It doesn’t even matter if you know the artist or not, these kinds of shows are super fun no matter who’s on stage. Take some snacks and a blanket. If you have a dog, a lot of outdoors concerts are pet friendly. This is the perfect outing for couples who love to chill.