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With Hampton’s return to campus, it feels like everything has been moving at a fast pace. It’s hard to believe that school only began a month ago. Between balancing school and extracurriculars, it has been pretty hectic. Now, it’s midterm season! This year, Homecoming falls the week before midterms. Like many, the idea of midterms being the week AFTER this made me nervous. Who came up with that? I kept thinking, “How can I study and still find time to enjoy Homecoming?” However, with the right plan, you can do anything! So, here’s five things you could do to secure A’s during your midterms. Good luck and remember to stay positive!

Join A Study Group

Have you noticed that you share some classes with another student? Consider forming a study group with some of your classmates. There, you can exchange notes and get help on topics that you previously may not have understood. Study groups can help ensure that you know the material that may be on your exams. You can split up work sections or take turns teaching a mini-lesson. Studying with a group of friends can help you stay on track and grasp the concept of your materials quicker.

Find the Perfect Study Environment

While studying in your dorm may allow you to be comfortable and have your own space, it’s not always the right environment. We all know that dorms can get pretty loud and that tends to be distracting. If this is the case, studying at another place may be best. Consider going to the library and getting a study room, or go to an academic building. If you decide to study in your dorm, consider studying at your desk instead of the bed. Turn off anything that may be distracting and remember to take occasional breaks. Finding the right environment is essential to studying!

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting plenty of rest is essential for good health. Showing up to your midterm exam after a night of no sleep can lead to you being unable to think clearly. After a long day of work and study, be sure that you are getting sleep. According to the CDC, college students should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night. So, staying up all night to study isn’t really the best idea. Before going to bed, be sure to turn off electronics and store them away from you to prevent any distractions. In addition to sleep, be sure to take small breaks between studying.

Make a Schedule

Coming up with a study schedule is key to studying for your midterms. Select a subject or two to study on certain days and continue to go from there. Write out a to-do list of what you need to review before your exam. Additionally, you can also block out hours dedicated to studying and organizing. With this, you can prioritize subjects that you may need more help with. This can also keep you organized. By doing this, you can prevent stress and have a better understanding of your work.

Switch Up Your Study Habits

Reading your textbook and taking notes can get boring. Consider switching up your methods for a challenging, yet fun way of studying. Make practice quizzes and flashcards to test your knowledge. You can even get a friend to quiz you on your subjects. Come up with fun mnemonics to help you remember materials. Rewrite your notes so that you understand them. Or, give your friend a lesson on the subject to see how well you understand it.

In addition to these 5 things, it’s also important to eat healthily and stay active. Go for a walk and stretch your legs. Eat foods that will increase your energy. Also, remember to reward yourself after studying. With these suggestions, I hope you have a successful and productive midterm week! Good luck!

Madison Davis is a second-year, Biology/Pre-Med major, Communications minor from Memphis, TN. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with her dogs, Pyper and Jamocha! She's honored to share her experiences through her writing with the HerCampus community. Feel free to visit her Instagram page @maddyecamille!
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