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3 Goals You Should Have In 2020

This is it! A new year and a new decade! This brings us back to new goals, new relationships, and new memories. Usually within the first month of New Year, everyone sets goals they would like to achieve. Unfortunately, not all of these goals will be met. However, this year will be different. For real, this time. Here are three important goals everyone should have going into the new year: 


  1. KNOW who YOU are


This is the year you will know yourself. In order for you to succeed, you must know who you are! First, make a list! Write down all of the things you’re passionate about, things you’ve accomplished, and even things you like or don’t like, simple or complex. Next, look around you! Association brings about assimilation. That means that whoever you allow yourself to associate with has a big influence on how you define yourself and personality. Finally, know what makes you smile and what makes you cry. If you know what allows you to be happy, you should focus on that this year. Never go back to the things that make you cry because you don’t want to put in the position of not knowing who you are.


  1. FIND Your Purpose!


Everyone has a purpose, find yours! Look back at that list, and focus on the things that make you smile! If helping the community makes you smile, think about how you can  incorporate that into a career! If you like to paint, you can be an art teacher! If you like to talk, you can be a speech professor! If you like to cook, you can go to culinary school! Anything that  you find interesting should have some type of job or career behind it! The last thing you want to do is to have a job you don’t like or can’t have fun doing.


  1. Do It!


Now, JUST DO IT! No more waiting! Thoughts without any action are dead! Now is your time to do everything on your list, and do what you believe you were meant to do. Of course, this does gradually take time, but now you can put these meanings to work. If you want to be a chef, look up some culinary schools and apply! If you want to be a better painter, take some local art classes to perfect your work! Once you begin to actualize your dreams and goals, they WILL become true! 


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