Tips on Registration

Registration can be stressful, but here are a few simple yet important tips on how to feel more prepared this coming registration season! 

Plan ahead:

Have your preferred courses chosen and written down in advance, with code numbers and all. Make sure these courses fit into your academic plan, and even clear them with an academic advisor if needed! There is no such thing as being too prepared for registration. You will thank yourself later.

Check class availability the night before:

Chances are, you won’t be the very first to register for your courses. It is always a good idea to look the night before registration to see which courses are filled, or only have a couple remaining spots. Some professors also leave a handful of spots open for declared majors, so make sure you know whether you would be able to fill those spots or not! 

Set multiple alarms:

Registration is usually very early. Do NOT oversleep! The worst thing you could do is sleep through registration and have hundreds of students register ahead of you. There are already set registration orders, and placing yourself lower on the list would not be a great idea.


Treat yourself! Who wants to be up at 7 a.m. virtually racing against other college students for classes that will be costing you a fortune? You are basically signing up to pay thousands of dollars, to be overwhelmed for four months straight and to have a few mental breakdowns. Get yourself some coffee.

Have a plan B, C and D:

Usually you will not get all of your preferred classes. Depending on the university, generally they fill up quick with upperclassmen who are able to register earlier. Desperately searching for different classes to register for early in the morning does not sound ideal. 

Know all prerequisites:

Make sure you are aware of any prerequisites to courses you would like to take. Some require one or multiple classes beforehand, and if you are bringing in credits from highschool check with the professor to see if you can still join. 

Check over the summer for openings in your courses:

Don’t give up if you do not get into a class you wanted. Sometimes professors will have wait lists for popular courses, but if not continue to check and see if a spot has opened up. Especially during the summer, students change their minds or even transfer schools. Occasionally check to see if your dream class has opened up to more students!

Good luck this registration season. Plan ahead, make sure to talk to your advisors if you have any questions and get your coffee!Registration starts on Apr. 13 for seniors and ends Apr. 16.