Sunday Reset and Recharge Routine

After a busy weekend, it can be difficult to “reset” your system to feel prepared for another week of work and school. Sunday evenings often feel harried and frantic instead of relaxing, and that can affect how ready you feel for the new week. By recharging and preparing yourself, you can wake up on Monday morning ready to take on the next five days.  

1. Write Out Your Week

I always decorate my weekly day planner on Sunday nights. Writing out when I have classes and appointments helps me visualize the upcoming week and prepare for it. Knowing exactly what’s going on puts my mind at ease and allows me to be mentally ready for each day. Having everything written down so I can easily reference it frees up mental space to concentrate on other tasks. This is one of my favorite routines—sitting down and decorating my planner is very soothing to me, and seeing everything written down gives me a good idea of what to expect so I can prepare. 

2. Make a Homework Plan 

In addition to writing out the week’s schedule, make a homework plan. Look at what you have due this week and what upcoming projects you should start on, then decide what you’ll work on each day. This avoids the panicked last-minute scramble to finish something before class. For me, knowing what I have due helps me focus on other important things, and deciding ahead of time when I’ll be working on it is a good way to prevent myself from procrastinating. 

3. Set Out Everything You Need

Another way for me to feel prepared (and therefore relaxed) is to set out everything I need the night before. I pick out my outfit, make sure everything I need for class is in my backpack, pack a lunch (if needed), and ensure I have something to eat for breakfast. While I do all of this, I usually listen to music or an audiobook.  

4. Do Something Relaxing 

Once your week is planned, do something relaxing. Calming your mind and giving it a rest from the demands of work and school allows you to recharge. Going into the week feeling prepared and full of energy makes Monday morning seem a lot less daunting. Starting off in a bad mood can affect how you feel all week long, so it’s important to give yourself the best chance possible. Here are a few ideas for relaxing activities: listening to music, taking a bath, reading a book, drawing in a coloring book, watching a funny TV show, painting your nails, or playing a game (by yourself or with friends). 

Knowing you’re prepared for whatever the week brings is a good feeling. Recharging on Sunday allows you to go into the week feeling refreshed and ready to handle things. Little routines can help make your Sunday a day to reset and relax, instead of just the mournful end of another weekend.