Sneak in More Pumpkin Spice (and More) with Whole Foods’ Fall Flavors

Now that Halloween has rushed past us, all the fall flavors are rapidly going to fade out to make room for the peppermint and hot chocolate of the winter season, but there’s still some time to snag these Whole Foods limited edition flavors for fall—maybe they’ll even be on sale!

Pumpkin Spice and Maple Vanilla Whipped Topping:

Flavored whipped creams are one of the best things about changing seasons— anyone who thinks otherwise can call a proper duel. Whether you’re putting them on top of an appropriate pumpkin spiced pancake from an extra Autumn brunch or topping a late night cocoa in some extra flavor, a bit more oomph of flavor takes whipped cream to a new level.

Between the two, the maple vanilla pops a bit more and is a lot more variable in the flavors it complements. Whether it’s a rich dark cocoa or a black tea, maple and vanilla blend well with other flavors while pumpkin spice might be a bit more unique, but both of them are lovely—at leastin my opinion.

Catch these puppies on sale for 2/$6 and you can sample them both for a steal.

Chai Spiced Cashews:

Nuts are a delicious and healthy snack, until you cover them in sugar and spices, but that makes them all the better. Whole Foods is also slinging a Maple Sugar flavor of these cashews, but for $6.99, I wasn’t opting for both at once!

They are tasty, but nothing too special. They aren’t nearly as sweet as most spiced nuts often are, but they are a great snack just by the handful or as a topper to something that’s too plain on its own.

Pumpkin Cardamom Pasta Sauce:

As a college student, a flavorful canned pasta sauce is a blessing because it’s a way to have flavor and function in one. A basic boiled pasta topped with this is already quite a yummy, fall-flavored dish but mix in some steamed pumpkin or squash and it’s both hearty, filling, and healthy.

I stocked up on a back-up of this rich sauce for $5 as it manages to be shockingly creamy for coming from a can and is a nice break from a basic tomato even after fall fades from mind.

Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider:

If hot apple cider is the marker of fall, then pumpkin spiced apple cider is doubly fall. This drink was the least successful of the snacks I sampled, the flavor is mostly apple cider and not much else, but if you’re craving an apple cider you might as well try this one out.

If you’re a fall fanatic, then Whole Foods has a plethora of things to snag to pack in as much of this season’s flavor before we are buried under a blanket of snow and peppermint. There’s lots beyond what I could try and review from Maple Goat Cheese to Apple Ginger Cider, this list has everything you can find for fall.

Out of it all, snag whatever calls to you the most—but if you’re asking me, that Maple Vanilla Whipped Topping is divine.