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Fireball, the semi-formal off-campus dance, was something that came as a surprise for a lot of first-years. Some, like first-year Kallie Baldwin, didn’t even know colleges had dances.

“I was confused when homecoming was a thing,” Baldwin said. “I mean, they never have that in the movies. Just Frat parties and stuff, so when I found out they had an actual dress-up type dance, like a winter formal, I was confused… but excited, to go with my friends and stuff.”

I knew fireball was an event at Hamline because I toured last year when it’s tickets were being sold. It was also a dance that my teammates, the Cross Country and Track athletes, also attended. I was excited to have an excuse to get my boyfriend in a button down, and to wear a dress I’d thrifted last year.

The music was very much similar to my high school homecoming, which I enjoyed. Easy to dance to because you knew it, everyone screaming along and jumping up and down. Sweaty and too close together, laughing and messing up your mascara; it’s something I’ve always enjoyed. 

Left: First-year Shylie Burleson-King, Middle: first-year Kallie Baldwin , Middle Right: Junior Christopher Holmes, Right: sophomore Alisha Bowen, Back left: first-year Matthew Schauer, Back right: sophomore Lance Pederson; Photo by Shylie Burleson-King.

The clothing ranged drastically, from some in full suits to jeans and a thrown on button down, maybe a bow tie here and there. The dresses ranged from full length gowns to short dancing dresses, some looked like a club crew others looked like a prom. The energy was electric, a lot of laughter and compliments bouncing around.

First-year Soren Kremer, matching with his date, the  Anderson Chairs; Photo by Shylie Burleson-King.

A sense of community emerged; you could compliment someone you had a statistics course with last semester then walk into the bathroom and have three people fawn over your lipstick. Dancing with close friends and their friends and maybe someone you chatted with at Starbucks a week ago.

Some didn’t quite vibe with the music, and the cupid shuffle got a bit shuffled around with three separate sections facing three different directions; however, the dance floor was never empty. Students began singing from the stage beside the DJ, blue light illuminating the night, circles of students pressing into each other. Throwback songs playing all night, junior Christopher Holmes already had a sore throat, and lost his voice almost completely from talking over, or singing along with the music.

The bus ride back was cramped, we pushed five students into one school bus seat and we weren’t the most impressive clown car. Very few people left early, trying to cram all the students into the last few buses was a feat.

Afterwards, my friends and I overtook the 2nd floor Drew lounge, watched Men In Black and ordering Pizza Luces, not sleeping until 5 a.m. Overall, a successful night.


First-years Shylie Burleson-King, and Kallie Baldwin at the photobooth; Photo courtesy of Shylie Burleson-King.       



 The Fireball dance floor; Photo by Shylie Burleson-King.


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