How to Prepare for Finals

Finals can be an exciting yet stressful time! They mark the end of a semester and the beginning of a new set of classes, or maybe in your case: graduation! It can be so easy to quickly burn out as finals approach. Make sure to finish strong with these few tips from a fellow college student!

Get sleep! Going into finals week sleep-deprived won’t be good. Studies show that the more sleep you get, the higher students’ test scores are. It’s tempting to cram the night before, but don’t. This will lead to more frustration and stress. Give your brain a rest and get some sleep!

Make sure to do every single assignment so that you have room for error in your finals. Having a high assignments grade will lessen the pressure to do well on your finals. Do every extra credit assignment possible to make sure you have some room to mess up towards the end of the year.

Start those study guides… early.  Procrastination will be your worst nightmare. Don’t do it to yourself. Chances are you promised yourself last semester that you wouldn’t make the same mistake. Love yourself and don’t do it! Start a couple weeks early on everything; this will make your life so much easier.  

Go to those review sessions! Chances are the one class period that doesn’t require attendance is probably the most valuable one. Don’t slack and skip the review sessions. These are usually vital in passing an exam. Your prof is not going to waste a class period going over info you won’t need. Save yourself some trouble and get to class!

Plan group studies. Make studying more fun by getting together with classmates and suffering together. Then you won’t end up falling asleep mid-study, and you may get some important questions answered.

Treat yourself! Give yourself some motivation to finish these last few weeks strong. Set a routine schedule that once a week rewards yourself, whether that be getting your favorite Starbucks drinks on Fridays or getting your nails done at the end of the semester. Planning small rewards will help yourself stick to deadlines and have something to work for!

Good luck this final’s session! Stay focused and grind through.