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Getting Back into the Swing of the Semester: Do’s and Don’ts For the First Few Weeks

Getting back into second semester can be painful. After a long break your motivation may have dropped to an impressive low, and your drive to finish strong may be completely gone! Trust me, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips to start strong this semester, even when your faith is dwindling.

Do get your schedule organized:

You’ve had a good break, now get yourself together! Starting the semester with your schedule complete and predetermined can make all of the difference. Make sure to schedule in that gym workout you never end up doing, or that extra curricular you have always wanted to try but never made time for! Doing this will force yourself to stay busy and on track.

Don’t procrastinate:

Remember how you felt cramming in December? Don’t do that to yourself again. Staying on top of assignments, even early submissions, will be your best friend. Start those essays early! This will make May so much more enjoyable.

Do treat yourself:

Second semester gets long. Don’t wait until you have a week full of three exams and six assignments to do a face mask or get your nails done. Self care is key this semester. So go out and buy that body scrub, even if you have an easy-going week! Treat yourself before you’re even stressed!

Don’t even try to think about summer yet:

Seriously, don’t do it. Dreaming about sunny days by the lake with no homework will kill you. One sure way to destroy your drive this semester is to dream about what you can’t have for a long time. Try to make the best of the remaining chilly days and soon enough you’ll be soaking up those rays!

Do have fun:

Second semester will feel much longer if you hold up in your room nightly, working on homework for hours. By not procrastinating, you can finish those assignments early and go out! Make sure to stay social and have some fun. Maybe get those concert tickets you’ve been thinking about! This will make these last few months fly by.

Hang in there college student!


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