Delta Tau Rush Q&A

Delta Tau, Hamline’s sorority, started their Rush, allowing women to learn more about Hamline’s sorority and how to get involved with a variety of events. Rush can be an enigma for some and for others who wish to go, but don’t know fully what to expect, Sophomore Gabriela Jaime (Rush Chair, PR Chair, Social Chair and Secretary) is here to answer some questions for those who wish to Rush.

Q. When is Rush?

A. Our first Rush Event began on February 6th! We had our Diversity Event where our Diversity Chair Elli Vega presented about how Climate Change affects Human Rights! Otherwise the rest of our events are sprinkled throughout February. Our other events include Philanthropy Night, Galentine's Night, DIY CD Night, Starbucks Night, and a joint event with Theta Chi.

Q. What does it mean to Rush? What is the process?

A. Rush is the same as Recruitment, every semester we host a month of events. During those events students who are either interested in joining the sorority, or are interested in the event get a chance to converse with the members. At the end of the month, we pass out Bids, which essentially are invites to join the sorority. People have the option to either accept or decline our offer.

Q. What can you gain by being in a sorority?

A. Delta Tau is a philanthropic organization, so we work with several non-profits and orgs throughout the Twin Cities, which is great to add to a resume. You gain experience in several leadership positions, such as the exec[utive] board. The best part of it all is a chance to meet people from other backgrounds, who you will become super close with. Overall, you gain experience in volunteering, leadership and close friendships with the members.

Q. How do you join/apply to be in Delta Tau after Rush?

A. It’s really simple! All you have to do is show up to events (preferably up to 3 events), show interest in our org and finally we’ll send you a bid if we feel you are fit for our org.

Q. Do you look for anything specific in the people who wish to join?

A. Yes! We look for those who show interest in us. That includes coming to multiple events, and asking questions about us. We also look for those who love philanthropic work, or those who are looking to hang with a group full of diverse and strong-willed members.

Q. What does it mean to you to be in Delta Tau?

A. To me Delta Tau means a safe space where you can fully be yourself and not worry about being judged. It is a second home for me, and a second family.  It’s also a space to constantly be inspired by all the wonderful accomplishments from the other members. My favorite thing about Delta Tau is that we are all so supportive of each others’ achievements, and I love seeing everyone change into the person they are meant to be.

Q. Should students who are looking to Rush keep anything in mind?

A. I would say to have fun and be yourself! Don’t stress too much about it, obviously there are things we keep in mind, but we’re pretty chill about everything. Go to the events and bring your friends! It’s always more fun with friends! Who knows, they may end up joining too!

Q.  If there was any advice you could give to your younger self who rushed what would it be?

A. My advice for younger Gab would be:

“Hey b, Congrats on getting in! It’s a great opportunity, and super fun. But, be aware of the responsibilities that come with your positions and know that you are fully capable of them. :)”

If you wish to join the Delta Tau for their next event it will be a Galentine’s Event on Feb. 12 from 6-8 p.m. in Manor Main. If you have further questions about Rush or Delta Tau you can contact them at [email protected].