Campus Flower Identification Guide

It’s finally spring and the weather is beautiful! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming all across campus. But what kinds of flowers does Hamline grow? Here’s a guide to all the different blossoms currently brightening up our school.

Daffodils. Photos by Stasia Higgins.


These cheerful flowers are blooming all over campus! As you can see, they come in a lovely variety of colors. The unique shape and bright yellow colors make daffodils a springtime favorite.

Miniature daffodil. Photo by Stasia Higgins

Miniature Daffodil

We even have tiny daffodils in the planters outside of Anderson Center! Yellow is such a cheerful color after the dreariness of winter.

Hycinth. Photo by Stasia Higgins


Hyacinths are some of my favorite flowers. They smell amazing and the gorgeous colors just can’t be beat. I love getting to watch the star-shaped flowers bloom from little buds.


Pansy, Photo by Stasia Higgins.


It’s hard to miss the vibrant colors on these pansies. Pansies are unusual because they only smell fragrant at dusk and dawn. If you’re an early riser, stop by and take a sniff!

Pussy Willow. Photo by Stasia Higgins

Pussy Willow

While not a flower per se, the pussy willow adds some elegance to this flower arrangement. They’re incredibly soft—just like a kitten!

Double Narcissi, Photo by Stasia Higgins

Double Narcissi

Okay, I’m actually not 100% sure of this identification. There are so many varieties of Narcissus, which are similar to Daffodils. Even if this isn’t one, I think we can all agree on its beauty!

Siberian Squill. Photo by Stasia Higgins

Siberian Squill

These tiny wildflowers add a splash of bright blue color to the Blue Garden, but they’re actually part of an invasive species.

Magnolia Trees. Photos by Stasia Higgins

Magnolia Trees

As you can see, we have Magnolia trees in pink and white. These lovely flowers are definitely the tallest on campus! Magnolias smell sweet and springy.

Now when you pass by a bloom on your way to class, you’ll know a little more about it. Enjoy all of the beautiful flowers on campus!