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Halloween Costume Ideas!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

This year we have two halloweekends, which means twice as many costumes. If you were caught unprepared and are scrambling to come up with more costume ideas…this article is for you!


1. Brick from Martins Way

Transform yourself into one of the most desirable items on campus! In just a week or so, a massive hole was made in Martins Way due to students stealing Bricks. Clearly they are in high demand. Get yourself some orange-red pants and shirt, and try to look as rectangular as possible. If you want all the boys to pay attention, dress up like the one thing they truly want.  


2. Optimistic Freshman

Wear your nicest outfit, try to remember how to smile in a non-sarcastic manner, carry around an LSAT or MCAT book, and talk about how you’re destined for an ivy after you finish your undergrad here.


3. Adderall

This one is easy to throw together on short notice. Grab either a peach or baby blue t-shirt and write AD on it with magic marker. Become one of the most popular things on campus in no time!


4. Kid Recently Back From Study Abroad

Get yourself a fake accent, throw on some of those loose flowy pants with an elephant print, and keep trying to show people photos on your phone. Bonus points if you talk about how you got an “education in life” in your 3 months living abroad.


5. Moderately Drinking Hamilton Students

This mythical creature is said to exist at Hamilton, but few have ever seen it in person. It supposedly has just 2 or 3 drinks at a party, is asleep by 12:30am, and wakes up without a hangover, going on to be a productive student for the rest of the weekend. Get yourself a low-key party outfit and walk around the room talking about how you need to get going so you can get up early to study.

Emma Ritz

Hamilton '20

Emma Ritz is a Junior at Hamilton College in New York, majoring in world politics.