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Trend Report! Four 90’s Trends We Loved and Three We Wished Stayed in the Past

The 90’s were a great time, filled with Girl Power, cheesy sitcoms, and a young Leo Dicaprio. I take pride in being a 90’s kid even though I was born on the cusp of the 2000’s. When I think about the 90’s, I imagine overly baggy jeans, chunky highlights, and pencil thin eyebrows. Things have certainly changed since then; for one, Cara Delevingne serves are our main source of browspiration (yes, I made up a word for brow inspiration). However, some of our favorite 90’s trends are making a major comeback and have be seen on our favorite celebrities, Instagram models and on the countless girls we stalk on Tumblr.


1) Tendrils

I’m not going to lie I had to look this one up — who know there was a word for those little pieces of hair that frame your face?! However, they can be seen on top supermodels of both generations. This is a trend I may try, granted it may only look as good on faces as gorgeous as Kendall’s and Kate’s.

2). Mini buns

Refered to today as, “space buns,” this hairstyle is everywhere. A lot of contraversy surrounds the style, with many arguing that they too closely resemble a cultural style called “bantu knots.” This isn’t the first time mainstream trends “borrowed” (appropriated) another culture’s style.

3). The brown lip

This trend isn’t exclusive to this year; our favorite beauty bloggers have been rocking the brown lip for a while. Of course, it was made significantly more popular this year with the release of Kylie’s Lip Kit in the color “True Brown K.” 

4). Chokers

This trend report wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of chokers. Seemingly overnight, chokers appeared everywhere — from our favorite celebrities to the abundance of fashion bloggers. The necklace is dominating all of our favorite clothing websites as well as many Instagram boutiques dedicated to the trend.

Some trends, I’m afraid, need to stay in the past and remain in old polaroids. More than a few trends have emerged in recent years that I wish didn’t make a comeback.

1) Bucket Hats

I blame School Boy Q for bringing back this particular trend. It was bad enough that we had to see them gracing old album covers and movies, now we get to see them on the flesh on every Mountain-Dew-drinking, skateboarding boy who walks our direction. 

2) Baja Hoodies

Nuff said, thanks Urban Outfitters.

3) Visors 

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased with this one because if I thought I could rock a visor, I totally would. However, the golf course attire without the golf course is something that should be reserved strictly for Tommy Bahama ads.

So thats the 90’s! I’m anxious to see which 2000 trends make a comback. Personally, I’m hoping for velour tracksuits (no judgement!). 

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