How to get the summer job of your dreams

A guide of how to snag that summer job you’ve always dreamt of:

As summer is quickly approaching, the stress of finding what to do over the summer can become a bit overwhelming. Here are five ways to make sure you land the summer job you’ve worked so hard to be qualified for and have always wanted:

  1. Start it off right: Ensure your resume stands out! Be creative with how you define yourself, as your brand and it makes the resumé writing process enjoyable. Word Processors on your laptop have free layouts that help you create your own personal style for your resumé to avoid blending in to a large pile of other qualified applicants.

  2. Use social media to your advantage: Looking for a summer job or internship may seem daunting and challenging; however, many companies have taken initiative to make it as easy as a simple click of the button to find intel on a job opportunity. Companies and local publication agencies have taken initiative to cater to the new working generation by making their social media accounts jam-packed with opportunities and details about job criteria they’re searching for. Also, following company accounts that you wish to work with gives insight into their branding techniques prior to you submitting your cover letter and resumé.

  3. Check, Check, Check!: There’s no worse embarrassment than passing in a resumé and cover letter with typos everywhere, so always triple-check your resumé and even swap resumés with a friend to make sure the tragedy of losing the job of your dreams over a simple grammar mistake is avoided at all costs.

  4. Use your school to your advantage: Check out GW’s Orgsync! GW has so many employment opportunities for Federal Work Study, internships, and summer jobs. You can also make an appointment with a Career Center representative who can help you narrow down to job interviews that will be worth your time and effort.

  5. Most Importantly, do something you actually love: It can be stressful, boring, and aggravating to look for employment in a city jam-packed with jobs. However, that’s the best part! Because DC has so many job opportunities for all ranges or ability and experience, you are guaranteed to come across something you may love. Don’t be shy to ask a professor, TA, or academic advisor if they know of any students working in the field you’re interested in.