5 Healthy Sweets For A Girl With A Sweet Tooth


As a girl who absolutely loves sweets, and can easily eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream in one sitting, I have decided it’s time to cut back on my sugar intake. While I have always heard that sugar can be addicting, I truly never considered the effects it can have on my body. To cut out sugar from my diet completely would be impossible, but I have managed to discover healthier alternatives to curb my sugar cravings and still keep me satisfied. If you’re like me, and have a constant sweet tooth, I suggest checking out the tasty snacks below.


  1. Hu Chocolate:

 I have always hated the taste of dark chocolate until I tried Hu Chocolate’s Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa. Unlike ordinary, bitter-tasting dark chocolate, this dark chocolate is rich, creamy, and absolutely amazing. Hu’s bars are 70% dark chocolate, as opposed to other brands which may contain 90% or 99%, but are still a much better option than a Kit Kat, Hershey’s Bar or other Milk Chocolate bars. You should also definitely check out their Cashew Butter + Pure Vanilla Bean and Hazelnut Butter, which in my opinion tastes just like Nutella if you melt it in the microwave!

  1. Halo Top

Ah, Halo Top. Some people loathe it, others love it. I am have managed to become a huge fan of Halo Top. With every pint ranging from 280-360 calories, as opposed to a regular ice cream brand which contains over 1,000 calories per pint, it’s hard to beat. Now, I’m not saying it is healthy by any means, nor does it taste the same as Haagen Daaz, but if you’re feeling like overindulging, I’d opt for a pint of Halo Top to save you the extra sugar and calories.


  1. Smart Sweets (Sweet Fish)

These Swedish Fish look-alikes are deceiving. They look like Swedish Fish and taste like Swedish Fish, yet they contain 28 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of sugar per bag. These high fiber fish are a great on the go snack and are sure to put a smile on your face.  As the plant-based snack says on the bag “Kick Sugar, Keep Candy.”


  1. Raw Rev Glo Bars

Walking down the protein bar aisle in the grocery store you’ll stumble upon a variety of bars all claiming they will do amazing things for your body. Hate to break it to you, but it’s false advertising. Flip over the bar, read the nutrition label, and you’ll see for yourself: they are loaded with sugar or sugar alcohols and contain a huge number of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Luckily, Raw Rev Glo Bars are delicious, high in fiber and protein, low in sugar, and have recognizable ingredients. I would definitely recommend their new flavor birthday cake!


  1. Dates


Unlike other sweets, you’ll find dates in the produce aisIe where they belongs. Medjool dates are large, juicy, and chewy, in contrast to regular Deglet Noor dates. While they are fruits, keep in mind that one medjool date has about 16 grams of sugar, so you should be eating them in moderation. Still, dates are a great whole and nutritious alternative to a processed sweet which contains added sugars. Next time you’re shopping for fruits, grab some dates you won’t regret it!