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A Thank You Letter to Gustavus CFs

Dear Gustavus Collegiate Fellows,

I’m writing this letter to thank you for everything you do. We sincerely appreciate all you sacrifice to ensure our residential environment is not only safe but also fun.

College can be hard, especially without our families here, and you often provide advice and support worthy of a parent’s. Our lonely, or challenging days and nights are improved because of your commitment to your residents and our Gustavus community.

We’re all grateful for the time you spend with each one of us. We know you have academic assignments, just like we do, but you make the time to befriend and counsel each one of your flock, according to need.

As you know—probably better than most—learning how to be an adult can be challenging. As a first-year, I remember having no idea how to use Moodle, how to send my first paper to the printer in the basement, or how to check the balance of my cafeteria account. My CF was the person who taught me how to do all of this, and more. She selflessly sacrificed her own homework time during the first month of school to answer my questions. She made my transition to college, and the transition of my neighbors, so much easier, and did so with kindness and grace. I thank my first-year CF and all first-year CFs on campus!

Being an adult doesn’t get any easier simply because we move up the ladder to upperclassmen status, and so I thank all upper-class CFs as well. You stay on duty until midnight—or later—on school nights, making yourself available until two in the morning. I’m sure you have many late-night observations about how much more trouble we get into as upperclassmen than when we did as freshmen.

Thank you for continuing to be on call into the wee hours, even after a long day, and patiently letting us into our rooms when we lock ourselves out. We know you regularly run short on sleep to abide our drunken mishaps. Helping your residents avoid fines from Campus Safety for room openings speaks volumes to your loyalty. While we’re on the topic of late-night activities, thank you for dealing with our vomit when alcohol sneaks up on us, and for calling Campus Safety if we party to a point of medical need. Thank you for learning more about drugs and drug paraphernalia than you likely ever wanted to, and for not being afraid to get help when your residents make poor choices.

We are deeply grateful that you leave your door open in the event we want to talk about stuff, which, loosely translated, could mean drugs, birth control, alcohol, roommate problems, or the small stuff—school and relationships. Your guidance and insight are always valued. No matter what choices your residents make, they know they will always have at least one person on their floor rooting for them. Your support is generously provided without the expectation of anything in return, again demonstrating your selfless service. You are forever woven into the fabric of your residents’ lives, making their college experience unforgettable, taking up residence yourself, in the corners of our hearts.  

Finally, let’s not overlook your creative commitment to community. Thank you for taking the time to organize meetings and plan fun social events. You put countless hours into ordering food, planning activities, and making thoughtful and in-depth bulletin boards for our benefit, and sometimes we forget to tell you how much it means to us. We do think your events are fun, we do read your cool and creative bulletin boards, and we always enjoy the free food. Thank you for taking the time to improve our lives, even if we sometimes rebel at your exercise of authority. Thank you for serving as an honorary college parent, and for always being a true friend. Without you, our experience at Gustavus wouldn’t be the same.


Your immensely appreciative residents

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