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Poems and Lovelorn Thoughts, Vol. VIII

To The Naysayers  

If this

Is my Undoing


I never want to be

Held together



Eye to Eye  

I want

Your Eyes —

I want every raindrop

To pitter-patter over our faces

Until we laugh so hard

We can’t tell the tears

From the rain —


I want

My Eyes —

I want every look,

Every flitting away,

Every gentle gaze —

I want to cradle the words

Only you and I

Can hear —


I want

Our Eyes —

I want to walk side by side

Through the scorching snows,

And freezing suns, and the

Storms that rock the sea —


Eye to eye,

Hand in hand —

With our lantern Words



If you looked at us

The way we are —

You’d see us glow soft around the edges —

You’d see our figures glittered in

White-gold light — flecked out

From the tip of a feverish paintbrush,

Made luminous from the music

That blends the moon

And turns the tides.


You’d see us gently

Lanterning the clouds from behind —

Bringing light, bringing thought,

Bringing love —

To dreary nights.


And you’d understand that

This isn’t a science,

It isn’t mappable — it’s

Real and it’s bright and

It’s More

Than every star

On every chart there ever was…


We are Incandescent —

We glow, we love, we beam —

We blend the moon into song,

And turn the tides.


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