To My Sorority Big As She Graduates

To My Sorority Big, Ashley,

First off, I am so sorry that this is so cheesy, but the day when you leave me at Gustavus to go and get a big person job is quickly approaching. For real though, how am I supposed to do college without you? We’ve just had so many great times together over the past 3 semesters. Seriously, from the many sorority events to jumping in a freezing cold lake in the middle of nowhere. To big/little dates at Tokyo or Applebees to spending way too much money at Kohls and TJ Maxx. I have loved them all so much.

One of the best things was living directly above you last school year. I’m very sorry about being super loud all of the time, but I swear it wasn’t on purpose. Sometimes I just needed to do a little rearranging or have a dance party. It was so dang cool to be able to see you every day even if it was just for a few minutes at 2 in the morning when I wanted to grab my ice cream from your freezer while we both pulled an all-nighter working on the homework that we had procrastinated.

Thank you for being not only my Gustavus Mom but for being one of my best friends here. I literally cannot imagine what my past few semesters would have been like without you. Thanks for always listening to my problems, weird stories, and simply just putting up with my extra self. Joining AST might just be one of the best decisions that I’ve made so far at school because it is what brought you into my life.

Anyways, as you graduate and move on to live that big person life, there are a few things that I want you to know and/or remember:

1. Please don’t forget about me. Come back and visit. Don't worry, I'll definitely invite you to our spring banquet.

2. Never change who you are for anyone because you’re great.

3. Always follow your dreams, including that dream job of yours. If it doesn’t happen right away that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future. Also, make sure to not just focus on your job (not that it isn't important), but follow all of your dreams as well. Your happiness is the most important thing! 

4. Don’t spend too much money on jewelry, shoes, or a Michael Kors purse unless you really really need it. Ok, let's be real you always need a new purse.

5. Have so much fun! Being a real adult out in the world is probably so scary, but I'm sure that it can be so much fun at the same time. Please make sure to save some time to do some fun things once in a while.

So, I am going to miss you like crazy, but I know that you are just a phone call away. Go out there and do some amazing things, go on crazy adventures, and just have the time of your life and please don’t forget to tell me all about it!


Your Little, Corbyn.