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Meet Abbey Lane, Area Coordinator for Residential Life!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Gustavus chapter.

Welcome back, Gusties! Meet Abbey Lane, the new Area Coordinator (AC) for Complex, Uhler and Rundstrom. Abbey graduated with a Masters of Science in Higher Education from the University of North Dakota last May, and is excited to be making her new home here on the hill.

As a part of the Gustavus Residential Life professional staff, Abbey stated that her primary role is to be a resource. “I want all my residents to know that I’m here for whatever may happen,” she explained. “If you’re having a rough day and need someone to listen to you, I’m available; if you’re a new person on campus and you don’t know who would be a good person to talk to about something, I want to be here to help guide you.”

In addition to being a resource for students, Abbey also supervises the Complex, Uhler and Rundstrom CFs, is in the halls trying to get to know residents and making sure that their safety is of the highest regard, and works with students facing conduct. When asked about her favorite part of the job, Abbey said that she loves the variety, “There’s something new every day. No two days are exactly the same. And this job is unique in that it’s all about relationship building, so I have the opportunity to get to meet 740 brand new people. That’s just really exciting for me. I love it.”

Aside from her role on the Residential Life staff, here are five fun facts to know about Abbey Lane:

  1. Before going to graduate school, Abbey was a zookeeper – she specialized in working with big cats.

  2. Abbey grew up in Los Angeles, California. However, she doesn’t like cities, so she moved to rural Wisconsin for her undergrad, followed by North Dakota for her M.S.

  3. Abbey is a dog person – her favorite dog is a corgi.

  4. If she had to pick a place to live on campus, Abbey would live in the Swedish House. She loves that it’s a house within a residence hall; it’s not like anything she’s seen before.

  5. Abbey’s favorite food from the caf is pasta with Alfredo sauce.

Whether you’re one of her residents or not, Abbey would love to meet you – she hopes that you’ll all stop by and say hi. She even has a bowl of candy and cute pictures of dogs on her wall – what more could you ask for?

Welcome to Gustavus, Abbey!


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