8 Puzzle Apps To Give You A Break From Midterms

By Ella Napton

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a good puzzle app to distract you from midterms, essays, and the pressures of being a college student in general. If you are even more like me you will know that finding a good puzzle game, and app, is hard. There are often too many ads, not enough levels, or time-limits. I have spent a lot of time testing out puzzle apps and have come up with a definitive list of the best puzzle apps available:


1. Zen

A puzzle game where you have to try and fit shapes into a bigger shape. Who doesn’t love a good metagame?


2. Magic Puzzles A jigsaw puzzle game that has various levels of difficulty available and doesn’t have a time-constraint. So feel free to complete the puzzles at your leisure.


3. Word Search

I love word searches. And finding ones that are entertaining and not time-constraining (I don’t do well with a time limit when it comes to word searches) is incredibly hard. I actually stumbled across this particular word search app during one of my weekly app store conquests and have loved it and its extensive list of themed puzzles thus far!


4. Lemmings

If you love games with “save the world” tropes this game is for you. Essentially you are tasked with the mission of saving as many “Lemmings” as possible by guiding them through an obstacle course of sorts.


5. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game

I love Criminal Minds, and I love puzzle games. So naturally, I love this game big time. The only downside is that you can only play for so long until you need to “upgrade” to the full game. But the levels up until that point are very fun, in my opinion.


6. Wordscapes

This is like the ultimate crossword puzzle (that doesn’t have any clues). And it seems to go on and on forever. The ad experience isn’t that bad either which is always a plus as well.


7. Slices

I will admit that this game got the best of me and made me quite frustrated, but that means that it is a good puzzle game and merits a mention! Your goal is to create as many complete “pies” as possible to garner the most points. It is pretty straightforward but very addicting.


8. Puzzledom

And last, but not least, I present you the mega-puzzle-gaming app. Puzzledom has a plethora of puzzle options with an insane amount of levels. Almost any puzzle experience you want is on this app, trust me.