The 5 Classes You Should *Actually* Be Taking This J-Term

J-Term is a time to explore unique topics and really delve into and explore subjects outside of your major, or perhaps gain a new perspective of the world. Here are 5 fabulous classes being offered this J-Term at Gustavus that should be on your short list.

1.   PHI – 102 Intro to the Philosophies of Post-Collegiate Existence: This course will examine the basic philosophy behind nervous breakdowns and Cheeto stress eating. We will also discuss forces such as parental pressure and the art of comparing yourself to all your much more successful engaged Prius driving friends. Course assignments will include intense late-night periods of introspection and crying, followed by hours of staring at your reflection in your blank computer screen. You will also be required to spend an hour each day mindlessly scrolling through pictures of puggles and then journaling about how that made you feel about your future. (IEX)

2.   MCS – 125 Intro to the Statsitics of Walking to Class: Walking has always been the broke student’s main mode of transportation. In this course, we will focus on analyzing the particular statistics of walking to and from class. We will explore the perils of icy unsalted sidewalks, gale force St. Peter winds, slow moving mobs of freshmen, and rouge long boarders. We calculate the factor of awkwardness that occurs after trying to say hi to someone who has headphones in and also learn how to graph the relationship between academic building distance and time got out of bed. This is known as the how-much-I-will-look-like-a- hobo curve. Students will be expected to log 20 hours of half walking half awkwardly running-because-I’m-late-but-I-don’t-want-to-look-like-a-dork-running-to class and then graph it. (IEX)

3.   HIS – 229 The History of Chunky Infinity Scarves: This course will explore the many historic uses for infinity scarves and related wrappings, including: snack troughs, portable head cushions, cat hammocks, and stain camouflagers. We will also discuss the origin of this fascinating artifact and its cultural significance throughout time. There will be 10 hours of required field observation in which students will observe these artifacts in practice and propose theories for future cultural utilization. (IEX)

4.   HES – 231 Dorm Room Nutrition: This course will explore the four main food groups necessary for complete collegiate nutrition. These groups include: 1) foods you can make in a microwave 2) foods you can consume and potentially choke on while running to class 3) foods that have no nutritional value whatsoever but taste like a rainbow in your mouth and 4) foods you can consume as a liquid (i.e. potatoes, juniper berries, agave, etc).  Students will be required to complete a course long project in which they invent and present to the class three new delivery methods for food group 4. (IEX)

5.   BIO - 152 Special Topics- Intro to The Rise of Fuck Boys: This course will delve into the evolution and behavior of the invasive species, the Fuck Boy. Students will learn how to identify these creatures based off their characteristics and text-book behaviors. They will also learn how this species has become so prevalent in our ecosystem and learn key eradication and containment techniques effective in halting the further spread of such invasives. This course will include 15 hours of required field observation and a 10-page paper on how to dismantle the patriarchy that allowed this invasive species to flourish. (IEX)

I don’t know about you, but "Intro to the Philosophies of Post-Collegiate Existence" sounds particularly fascinating to me. Hope all you Gusties take advantage of these amazing course offerings this J-Term! (#justkidding.)