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10 Essentials For College Women

Apart from getting to spend time with a wonderful group of empowering women, one of the best parts about being a part of Her Campus is getting together with the team to unbox the fall survival kit. It’s always full of fun things and little goodies that we get to split among the team and share with those around campus. The other fun part is that we get ideas of things that every college student should consider adding to their list of essentials for the school year.

1. Wallflower Fragrance Plug and Fragrance Refills from Bath & Body Works

Not only are the plugs adorable and bring something fun to every room, but there are scents for every season and just about every mood. Just think, you could lay in your bed this winter and smell delicious sugared snickerdoodle cookies (you can literally buy that scent). If you even want to step it up a notch you can get a plug that also serves as a nightlight or one that has multiple scents. Bath & Body Works’ “Scent Switching Wallflowers Duo Plugs are the way to go if you are indecisive and can’t choose a favorite scent or just like the idea of switching it up every few days.

2. BUXOM Cosmetics Big Tease™ Plumping Mascara-

Can you ever have enough mascara? Nope. This Buxom mascara is the go-to for a bold and volumizing look which is a perfect look for those nights out with friends. Not only does it make your lashes look longer, but it goes on smooth and the brush isn’t too crazy.

3. Frank’s RedHot

Ever feel the need to spice up the boring cafeteria food and realize you have nothing to do so? Well, get yourself some Frank’s RedHot sauce and that will no longer be a problem. It is a great addition to just about anything. If you aren’t much of a spice lover, I’d probably steer clear as it does have a kick, but if you think it’s something you might enjoy definitely get it a try.

4. GōL Bars-

Every college kid loves snacks, especially ones that are convenient and easy to grab and eat on your way to class. It’s even a bonus when they are healthy. At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about these bars because I am definitely a texture person and it’s different than a normal granola bar, however, the flavor is great. I tried two different flavors of the bar which were Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt. I personally preferred the Chocolate Sea Salt bar over the Maple, but I am also a huge chocolate lover. There are also two other flavors available which are Coconut and Blueberry.

5. Micellar Cleansing Water All-In-1 Waterproof by Garnier-

I have been using this product religiously for the past few months since a friend told me about it. I was stoked to see that we received some in our fall survival kit because it is a product that I think everybody should at least try out. I have very sensitive skin so at first, I was nervous to try it, but I am so glad that I did because it not only removes all of my makeup, but it leaves my skin feeling cleansed, refreshed, and even soft.

6. Katy Perry’s INDI Fragrance

Like mascara, I don’t think you can ever have too many bottles of perfume. It’s nice to have a variety so that you can switch up your scent once in a while. It’s also an added bonus when it smells as lovely as this one.

7. Krazy Glue

You never know when you are going to need some glue! Maybe it’ll be for a project (like this cute Her Campus pendant), or a quick fix of something in your dorm room. I don’t know about you, but glue is definitely a college essential.

8. L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk

Self-tanner is perfect for when the winter months hit and you can’t catch the sun’s warm rays. This self-tanner is easy to apply, smells nice, and leaves you with a pleasant glow after a few uses. It also doesn’t leave you with the streaky-orange tan that other self-tanners sometimes do.

9. Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner

My legs have never felt smoother than after I shaved using this product. It smells wonderful and truly leaves your skin moisturized and feeling great. The best part is that you don’t even need to get your legs wet to use the product!

10. SABRE Safety Products

Hopefully, you never have to use any of these products, but it never hurts to be safe. These extra safety precautions are great for making you feel a bit safer while walking back to or around campus at night (or even in the daytime). The drink test is also a good idea to pop in your purse or pocket when you head to a place where you may be drinking. I definitely think it’s a great idea to invest in a SABRE personal alarm or drink test kit, or even some pepper spray.

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