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Skin Treatments Worth Price Tag Feature Hero
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Your summer self is made in the Winter

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Guelph chapter.

With blue Monday, the most depressing day out of the entire year just passing, it’s a sign we’re on the mend to warmer weather. In the meantime, it’s time to take care of ourselves and those around you. The saying goes “your summer wardrobe is made in winter”, so why not your summer self? It’s the chase of that feeling of confidence and power that a summer glow and relaxation gives us, and I have made it my goal for this year to establish routines that set me up for the literal best version of myself. This journey of pushing into your dream life and self requires a lot of effort from your old self but it is the choices you’re making every minute that make your dream of a life.

Listen to more podcasts. For myself, I put on a podcast when I’m brushing my teeth, making my bed, waiting for my food to cook, or walking to class, there are so many instances where throwing a podcast on can make what you’re doing 10x more productive. Podcasts just bring an ordinary aspect of your day into more than just a task. The amount you’re able to learn from podcasts genuinely surprised me because when you think you zoned out and didn’t listen, you registered all that the podcaster said. Podcasts that I’ve been listening to such as The Psychology of Your 20s, Smoke Sesh with Hannah, Stuff You Should Know, and Sounds like a Cult have had a big impact on how my brain is performing in school with focusing and getting into a flow writing. It’s a great alternative too when you get the feeling like none of your music or playlists are working for you!

An ice roller on my face as soon as I wake up in the morning has been one of the biggest influences on the efficiency of my mornings and how alert I am throughout the day. I bought the ice roller from Amazon and it seriously makes me jump out of bed in the morning because it makes my face and eyes feel so good after washing my face in the morning. I’ve noticed quite a difference in my skin as well in how it glows more and it was tighter when I’m working my moisturizer in. Plus, it feels SO good first thing in the morning on some puffy eyes!

I’ve made my skincare routine an end-of-the-day spa treatment. It seriously does not have to be fancy or with expensive products that give you the ‘spa feeling’. I generally begin my skincare routine by dimming any lights to then light a candle in the bathroom. Once the bathroom itself looks calming, I take a facecloth and soak it in very hot water under the tap to which I then bring it very softly to my face. Dr. Hu from Specialists in Dermatology says steam opens up pores and helps loosen any buildup of dirt for a deeper cleanse, as well as promotes circulation to further the benefits of a facial cleanser (https://www.specialistsindermatology.com/blog/is-facial-steam-good-or-bad). Working your facial cleanser into your skin for at least a minute is what I’ve recently learned to be the best method of deeply cleansing your skin. Incorporating oils and nighttime-specific moisturizers makes all the difference as the oil I use has vitamin E which works towards repairing the skin while deeply moisturizing it. Using a cold eye cream or undereye oil brings the application process to a spa-like feeling. Again, ending off with an iced facial roller or a literal ice cube, this acts as a seal for all that product you just put on for your skin. A few affirmations said aloud to yourself in the mirror, and I can guarantee you will feel better than you did before you walked into the bathroom. 

This winter I find it evermore important to show up for myself like I never have before. Without giving myself another reason to be angry with myself, I am actively trying to make myself proud of myself. I started challenging myself to cook meals at home, spend time in nature, read more, move and stretch my body, meet up with more friends, go the extra mile in class, learn more hobbies, and dive into my creativity!

Each day you can take the action to do what you really want. Taking more leaps and prioritizing yourself can take you so far into new things that you’ll have no chance but to look back and see how much you’ve grown. 

Abbie (she/her) is a fourth year student at the University of Guelph with a major in history and minor in political science. Abbie is a writer who focuses on topics such as fashion, wellness, queer content, music, and current events. She can be found reading, crocheting, trying new coffee shops, going to markets, painting, hiking, and listening to music on her spare time. Feel free to reach out through abagail@uoguelph.ca or through her LinkedIn; https://www.linkedin.com/in/abagail-williams-aaa04920a