Tackle Your Tasks With These Helpful Tips

We all know how difficult the school life can be, stemming anywhere from managing your time wisely with your classes, making me-time, going on a date with that really cute guy from your lab, or working your part-time job. There is just so much to handle as a student and sometimes it feels like there are really never enough hours in the day to do it. I am sharing this post with you all to help you better organize your lifestyle and allow you to get these things done within a reasonable time frame. Follow these helpful tricks to get your tasks completed and allow you to feel less stressed!

Buy an agenda

First, all of your “to-do” things may seem extremely tedious and time-consuming in your head but trust me, you can tackle them all once you write them down. I recommend buying an agenda. Although this may seem pretty basic or obvious, it has really helped me throughout my undergrad. Purchase a friendly and colorful looking agenda that even has fun memes or stickers inside which will make scheduling tasks more eventful and creative!

Make a priority list 

Schedule your tasks from least to most important and tackle them as you go. What I personally like to do is slot down a time frame for each task as well (example: English notes from 2-3:30pm). Also, check mark them as you go so you know which one’s you have completed.

Wake up a little earlier each day

Set your alarm maybe half hour to an hour earlier each day and get a head start on your long list of tasks. I promise once you’ve dedicated yourself to waking up earlier each day, your days will seem so much longer, giving you ample time to complete tasks.  

Please schedule me-time/breaks

I have expressed this in my other article before but, self-care is the most important thing in the world! If you do not take care of your mental and physical self-first, how do you expect to take on more demanding tasks? Schedule at least half hour breaks between two to three hours at a time, to watch a YouTube video or go to the gym. You will feel more accomplished once you take care of yourself too!