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To The “Sidekick”

This one’s for the overlooked, the invisible, and the soft-spoken. This one’s for the underdog, the introvert, and the awkward. This one’s for the sidekick. For the Robin of Batman and Robin. You may not have the loudest voice, you may not get around the most and you may not have 1000 followers on Instagram. You have never let these things define you. You believed in your worth when nobody else saw it. You looked in the mirror and told yourself you were pretty when nobody else did. And you heard your voice even when others drowned it out.


To those of you who feel this way… know this, you are not alone. There are so many amazing people in this world that sometimes it can be hard to see it in yourself. You are not weak. You constantly have to rely on yourself to notice your worth and potential. You have to look at your friend who seems to have everything right and still love them at the end of the day, despite wondering why you can’t have what they have. You go to that party even though you know that you weren’t necessarily wanted there. You’re nice to the boy that you know is only talking to you to get with your friend. And it sucks. And it hurts. But you go on. You may cry. But you don’t let it stop you. And you grow. You don’t need other people to tell you who you are. You never have and you never will. You may not know who you are yourself, and this may bother you but you try your best.


You may not be the “it” person. And you may not always feel like you’re someone’s first choice. And hell, you probably don’t have a movie named after you. But that doesn’t mean your story is not worth hearing. Robin is not just Batman’s sidekick. Robin has a family, a heart, fears, and dreams. He is not defined by his relationships or social standing. Neither are you. You are not a left swipe on Tinder or a table in the cafeteria. You are not the number of likes on Instagram or the number of streaks on Snapchat. You are not a sidekick. You are you – your heart and your soul and everything in between. You are the broken pieces that you put back together. You are all the times that you tell yourself you are enough. You are robin. And you are NOT anybody’s sidekick.

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