A Reminder That You Matter

You deserve love.


You deserve to be accepted. You deserved to be challenged and pushed without having to change yourself.


You deserve to be reminded to believe in yourself when you forget to.


You deserve someone that will help you see strengths where you once saw flaws.


You deserve to feel full, whole, and vibrant.  You deserve someone to enjoy your life with.


You deserve someone that wants to know how you’re doing.


You deserve pleasure.



You are deserving of love.



You deserve to feel excited about someone.


You deserve someone that knows when you need a reality check and some tough love.


You deserve to be heard and accepted when you finally gather the courage to open up to someone.


You deserve to be proud and celebrate your successes.


You are deserving of relationships that are free of abuse, toxicity, and manipulation. You deserve to be safe.


You deserve laughter, security, and balance.


You are deserving of healthy, rewarding, and reciprocating relationships.


If that isn’t your significant other – you deserve better.

If that isn’t your friends – you deserve better.


Strive for it all. Don’t settle in your relationships because somewhere along the line, someone couldn’t appreciate all that you are.


You deserve love.