My New (School) Year’s Resolutions

New year, new me, right? Goodness knows how long I’ll be able to stick to these goals, but here are a few things I’d like to improve on for this school year. 

1. Revising my study notes every week

I’m in my third year now, and although I like to think that I’m better at studying than I was in first year, there is definitely still room to improve. The main way I study for exams is rereading my notes and putting all of the most important information into one place, and I’d like to start doing this for every week of classes instead of doing lighter studying and only getting to the hard stuff when it comes to exams. I’m hoping that doing this will make studying for my exams easier when the time comes! 

2. Staying in contact with my family more

I try my best to Skype with my family once a week, but sometimes I get busy – you know how it is. But one thing I’ve learned is that even just a text can go a long way – it lets people know you’re thinking of them even if you don’t have time for a long conversation. 

3. Not being afraid to ask for help

This doesn’t just apply to school, but for everything – this summer was the last time I buy a bra that doesn’t even fit me because I was too nervous to ask for a fitting room (but then again, why doesn’t the same size fit me every time?!). 

4. Put my free time on campus to better use

You know that amount of time between your classes that isn’t really enough to do anything and not enough to go home? Well, I have quite a bit of that this semester, and instead of just messing around and doing whatever, I’d like to start actually using that time to study and work on my assignments in the library – that way, I have more time for myself when I’m off campus! 

Those are some of the resolutions I have to improve on this school year – what are yours?