Motivating Yourself to Make More Homemade Meals

I know, I know, it’s way too easy to pop a frozen dinner in the microwave or grab some fast food on your way back home from campus, but doing this too many times a week isn’t good for you. I’m the same way – the first couple weeks of my first year living alone, I was great with making my own meals! But once school picked up and I got busier and busier, I started to slack a bit. Here are a few things I did to kick the habit of not cooking my own food at home!


  • Make big meals. Cooking for yourself every night can be tiring, especially if you’re only cooking for yourself. Try cooking big meals and sharing them with roommates (maybe take turns cooking every once in a while!) or put the leftovers in the fridge or freezer for you to chow down on another night – this also means there will be another night where you won't have to cook! (But this time, you won't need to feel bad about it!)


  • Make things you like. Though obviously, you’re not going to cook something for yourself that you don’t want to eat, I love to make myself excited to eat a great meal that I planned the night before. It gives me the motivation to actually do the cooking part!


  • Don’t let dishes pile up. If you’re like me, half the reason you don’t like to cook is because of the aftermath. However, you’d be surprised how little time it takes to wash a few pots and pans and a plate after you’re done eating. So next time you go to leave that plate in the sink, just give it a wash instead!


  • Keep an eye on grocery store flyers. Unfortunately, healthy food can be expensive, but if you keep an eye out for deals at local grocery stores before you plan your trip, you can get some good food at minimal cost!


  • Put a twist on simple meals. I’ve made myself absolutely love ham sandwiches because I put a little extra time into making them, such as toasting the bread and melting the cheese onto it. These little things make a HUGE difference in how much I enjoy these meals and still take very little time to make! It doesn’t always take an hour to make a good meal.