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Little things you can do to ease some stress and take care of yourself

Here are some simple things you can do to relieve some stress during this coming exam season:


1. Get a notebook for all of your passing thoughts.  You can also write notes in your phone.  This is especially helpful when you’re stressed because it provides a way for you to quickly jot things down and keep all of those thoughts in one place, so that you can refer back to them at a later point.


2. Take a break from your phone or computer screen every hour, and take a couple of minutes to drink some water, stretch, and give your eyes a break.


3. Take a break by listening to a song that you enjoy or that you feel fits your current mood.


4. If you’re feeling dehydrated and you don’t seem to drink enough water, try taking a few sips every hour during the day. Make sure to refill your bottle as soon as it’s empty so that you can continue to drink a little at a time.  This can make it easier to fall into a routine and you’ll feel more refreshed and awake.


5. Rinse your face with some warm water.  It can help you feel a little less sluggish and tired.


6. Take a moment to tidy and organize your desk space, even if it means that you’re just making stacks of papers or re-arranging things.


7. Wash the dirty dishes that you may have in your room.  If that is where you spend a lot of your time, it can be nice to deal with one of your stressors.

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