The Importance of Maintaining Your Sexual Health

Sexual Health is quite possibly one of the most important and yet taboo topics of our society. A lot of young adults go through their lives without knowing the proper measures to take once they have become sexually active.

Here are 6 of the most important things to keep in mind once you have become sexually active:

1) Make sure you and your partner get tested

            Most young adults assume that if you can’t see or feel anything wrong 'down there' then there is nothing to worry about. But it’s extremely important to get tested regularly as there are many STD’s that do not show symptoms or they appear months down the line. Getting your check is so easy, there is really no reason not to get it done. 

2) Wear condoms ALWAYS

            Condoms are the most effective way to prevent yourself from getting an STD. They are also the best way to prevent your partner or yourself from getting pregnant, although they are not 100% effective. If possible pair it with another form of contraceptive.

3) You can get an STD from Oral Sex

            Many young adults assume that if they are not having penetrative sex they cannot get an STD. Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis can be transferred through any form of oral sex.

4) Ladies, get your PAP done…

            Currently in Ontario women are not required to get a Pap test until they turn 21. Which is leading to an increase of untreated STI’s, specifically Chlamydia. If left untreated Chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or infertility. Once you have become sexually active you have every right to ask your doctor to do a Pap test to be safe. 

5) Birth control is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy

            Do not solely rely on B/C.  I think this speaks for itself, birth control is not 100% effective nor does it protect from any form of STD.

6) Pee before and after sex

            Urinary Tract Infections are so common among sexually active women and men. To prevent a UTI from occurring make sure to clear your bladder before and more importantly after to avoid any bacteria build up that may enter your urethra.