How to take care of yourself during the midterm season

Midterm season has already begun and we are already stressed out and spending all our time studying and prepping for our exams and assignments. Sometimes we slip away from good habits and aren’t taking care of ourselves the way we’d like. It’s important to take care of our health and maintain a balance so we don’t get overwhelmed and are still doing our work efficiently. Here are four ways to take care of yourself during the semester, no matter how busy life gets. 

1. Take breaks

For every 45 minutes of work you do, aim to take a 15-minute break. This will give you time to relax your brain, so you can start to work again refreshed and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Try walking around campus, stretching, or just closing your eyes during this break. You want to make sure you’re moving around a little so you don’t get sore sitting all day. 

2. Time management

Try to plan out your study schedule way before your midterms start so you can keep space to improvise if things are shifted as the time comes closer. Find time in between work or classes to study or review your notes so at the end of the day you’re not swarmed with a ton of studying and work. 

3. De-stress yourself

Have something you can always resort to relax your brain and take a break. If that’s fitness, then go to the gym a few times a week. Working out is known to make you feel more productive, therefore after your workouts, you’ll be motivated to do more studying. De-stress yourself by watching tv, or going out or just getting extra sleep. 

4. Eating well

It’s so important to eat well throughout the day and while you’re studying just to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to keep going. Have snacks for your study breaks or something like trail mix while you’re working. It can be tempting to buy food on campus, but you will be saving money and avoid making food decisions based on hunger and convenience. 


Make sure to look out for yourself during the midterm season!