Final Exam Week: As Told by Winnie The Pooh

As university students, we all experience some level of stress and anxiety, especially during final exam week. Here’s a little taste of what life is like during this time – in Winnie-the-Pooh style!


1. Pre-Exam Period – Denial

There is still two weeks of school left and you’re at a stage where you’re not really worried about final exams yet. You constantly tell yourself that you have plenty of time to study



2. Realization

It’s the last week of classes before finals, and professors are starting to review important material that may appear on the exam. This is the moment you start to panic because you suddenly realize how behind you are. Time to catch up on 12 weeks’ worth of material!


3. Procrastination

You’ve started to study but you’re also taking many Netflix breaks and naps in between.


4. Stress

24-48 hours before your final exam and you finally start to study seriously. You’re starting to feel the pressure and you realize that you’re in big trouble. You blame yourself for not studying earlier and wish that you could turn back time.

5. Exam

It has finally come! Time to put your many hours of studying to good use.

6. Winding Down

Your exams are over and whether they went smoothly or not, you are just glad that they’re done. Time to catch up on sleep!