Decorating Your Dorm for Christmas

A great way to deal with exam stress is redecorating your residence room. It reminds you that the holiday break is coming soon and helps raise your spirits. On top of that, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbours!

  1. Lights  Most students already have the white twinkly lights to brighten up their room. Change it up and get multicoloured ones to tie the Christmas theme together!    
  2. Mini Christmas Tree A full-size tree would be too difficult to get into residence, so go for a miniature one that you and your friends can decorate together! This is a great addition to your desk and another way to light up your room!  
  3. Personalized Stocking A cute addition to your bland walls, a stocking is both a decoration and a storage item! You can put all your Christmas candies in here or any small gifts your friends give you!    
  4.  A Wreath This could go inside your dorm or on the outside of your door to spruce up the hallway. Even better if you make one as a stress buster craft to add that extra touch of uniqueness!  
  5. Fake Presents Get a few empty cardboard boxes of varying size and wrap them as you would a Christmas gift. These can be put underneath the mini Christmas tree or scattered throughout the room to add more holiday cheer!