Couples Q&A: Emily and Logan

Today's profile is on par with our Valentine's Day theme. My boyfriend and I decided to sit down and see just how well we know each other. We each tried to answer some questions about one another and see how many we could get right. Here's how we did!

What program is your partner in?

Emily: Marine and Freshwater Biology Logan: Environmental Governance

What's their nickname?

Emily: Schmidtty Logan: She doesn’t have one I don’t think

What's the others person favourite food?

Emily: Nachos

Logan: Sk8r Boy on chicken breast from The Works, Veggie burrito from Mucho, Hawaiian Pizza, Acai Bowls

What food do they hate?

Emily: Mushrooms and Tomatoes

Logan: Pickles

What is their alcoholic beverage of choice?

Emily: Rum and Coke or Twisted Tea

Logan: Wine (white zinfandel) on most occasions, but in the summer she likes beer and sangria

What's the other persons favourite colour?

Emily: Red

Logan: Seafoam green

What's the other persons favourite hockey team?

Emily: Detroit Red Wings

Logan: Ottawa Senators

What number does the other person wear in hockey?

Emily: 10

Logan: I’ve seen her wear 8. (Fair guess, 19 is the OG number though)

What's the other persons dream travel destination?

Emily: Galapagos Islands (or Guadalupe)

Logan: She’s already been there, Oahu. Her dream is to live there one day, or at least on one of the Hawaiian Islands

What is their biggest pet peeve?

Emily: Clothes on the floor, Me ‘yelling’ 

Too many. . . where do I start: If someone texts her back after she calls them, when people interrupt her, when people “shh” her

After the fun stuff we decided to get a little sentimental and answered some questions about how we first met, etc...

Emily’s Answers

How did you first meet?

I don’t know, to be honest I swiped right on a handsome golden retriever and here we are.

What was your first impression of them?

I thought he was a super-hot hockey player, so I expected him to be a douchebag, but he’s very, very far from it. He’s been the sweetest guy since day one.

How has that opinion changed since then?

He’s still as sweet and sexy as day one, and now I realize he’s so much more than just a hockey player, he’s so ambitious and intelligent, and there really is so much more than what meets the eye with him.

When did you know you were in love with them?

Like a month after we had met, we were sitting in his truck outside my house just talking for hours and stumbling over words trying to tell each other how we felt because we were both so awkward. I waited another month to actually tell him I loved him.

If you could tell them one thing that you'd want them to know right now, what would it be?

That I’m incredibly thankful for him, for putting up with me and loving me when I’m being so unlovable. And that I’m proud of everything he’s accomplished, and happy I get to call him my best friend.

Logan’s Answers

How did you first meet?


What was your first impression of the other person?

She’s obviously beautiful, and right when we started talking she mentioned she had been cage diving with sharks so that was a huge plus in my book. Between that and her athletic background I was sold.

How has that opinion changed since then?

I’ve come to appreciate and admire how passionate she is about the environment and driven to achieve the goals she sets for herself. She works tirelessly on the things that interest her and is always on the hunt for a new adventure.

When did you know you were in love with them?

After talking for a while and hanging out when we could (it was difficult because I was in Guelph and she was in Ottawa) everything felt right and I knew she was someone who had come into my life for a reason and someone I wanted to stay in my life.

If you could tell them one thing that you'd want them to know right now, what would it be?

That I cannot wait for our upcoming adventure to the Maldives and being able to experience something we’ve both dreamed about and make memories that will last a lifetime with the person I love the most.