Campus Washrooms: Which to Use and Which to Avoid

Avoid: UC 1st floor washroom

This one is almost always busy and the stalls are awkwardly designed. You have to squeeze yourself past the toilet in order to close the door and they tend to automatically flush before you’re done. Head downstairs to the PCH washrooms instead, which are not as busy and won’t splash toilet water up at you.


Use: Bullring Washroom

The Bullring doesn’t have a lot of stalls in its washroom, but there’s usually no line. The best part, though, is the graffiti that lines the walls. There’s inspirational quotes, confessions, and drawings that will entertain you, no matter how long you’re in there.

 Avoid: Rozanski Washroom

Now, now, now, don’t be fooled by the amount of stalls that this washroom offers. If you happen to go in right before or after a class, you’ll be waiting a while. Skip on over to the Bullring instead and save yourself some time.


Use: Mackinnon 3rd floor washroom

While this one may not have the best lighting, it’s usually empty, and great if you’re looking for more privacy while you go. The mirrors are also large enough for checking to see if you’re makeup is still en pointe while you wash your hands.


Avoid: Library washrooms

The library is a hot spot for students, with great study spaces and newly renovated washrooms. However, there’s never been a time when I went to use a washroom in the library and there wasn’t someone already in there. If you can head across to Mackinnon instead, do it!