Campus Cutie: Sophia Ahmad

Name: Sophia Ahmad

Major & Year: Second year Animal Biology student!    

Dream Career: Becoming a veterinarian and hopefully working with birds

Hometown: Vaughan!

Summer Job/Occupation: Working at a strawberry farm, Osmow’s, and vet clinic volunteer

Favourite Animal: Birds!

Pastimes: Fitness, Sketching, Music

Favourite Foods: Papaya and Sweet potato

What you want others to know about you: I am very short

Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names: A white-capped pionus parrot named Loopy, and a cat named Aasha

Favourite quote: “Don’t make me put your head in my blender!” – Dr. Phil

What’s your craziest/funniest/most embarrassing memory: All my memories are embarrassing, let’s be honest!

Clubs, sports and other involvements at UoGuelph: Rotaract Club, FVC, OV in training 

Goals for the current semester: Have fun and not fail my classes at the same time 

Favourite class so far at UoGuelph: BIOL*1050 

Favourite spot on campus: The hills overlooking the soccer/football field

Favourite eatery and meal on campus: Creelman’s porridge and egg breakfast plate

What do you do between classes: I don’t do anything special, I simply wait for my next class to start, ahaha.

All photos were taken by Sophia Ahmad.