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A broke university student’s guide to 3-minute pizza

As a third-year Neuroscience student, I have pulled my fair share of all-nighter’s, and an all-nighter isn’t complete without a carb-loaded snack. The snack that I like to call, “This is a mistake but me likey cheese.” I have carefully crafted this recipe to use ingredients that you would find at the back of a university student’s fridge, behind the numerous energy drinks and a random Styrofoam cup of Chinese takeout. “Yeah, I will definitely eat this plain white rice without any gravy later” is a lie we all tell ourselves.   

This recipe has been perfected over the course of my undergraduate degree with the help of expert’s like my friend Sue, who, when reached out for comment for this piece, said, “This is a mistake but me likey cheese was my companion, my friend when I was crying and studying for my Chem-1040 final. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it”.  

What you will need for this snack:  

  • Tortilla  

  • Pasta or pizza sauce 

  • Cooking oil or butter  

  • Cheese  

  • Deli meat 

Start by putting some oil or butter in a pan on medium heat. These both are high in saturated fat and raise your cholesterol. Still, there really isn’t a better time to make bad decisions than the last-minute desperate attempt to learn an entire semester’s worth of content the night before the final.  

Once the oil or butter has heated, put the tortilla on the pan. Let it heat up for 45 seconds, no more, no less. Flip it over after 45 seconds and put some pizza sauce on it. Pasta sauce works too!  

At this point, you can add your creative twist to your creation; I like to keep it simple with a lot of cheese and deli meat.  

Lastly, the most important step, cover the top of the pan so that the bottom of the pizza becomes super crunchy and the cheese melts. Now that you have made your 3-minute pizza slice it up and enjoy it with a can of monster while you study for an exam or start an essay two hours before its due! Time management and sanity? We don’t know them.  


Hi everyone! I am a fourth year neuroscience student at the University of Guelph and the senior editor for HC :) Welcome to my Her Campus Page
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