11 Annoying Things About iOS 11

1. Videos auto-play in the app store now

*insert Mr. Krabs meme*

2. The brightness and volume bars are harder to control now

One step forward, two steps back.

3. Bluetooth and WiFi don't actually turn off through the control center

It's all a lie!

4. The notification center is now your lock screen

... okay?

5. All that stuff at the bottom of your messages screen

Is it necessary for it to be all out in the open?

6. Do not disturb while driving

I understand the awesome intentions behind this.... but this pops up when I'm fast-walking to class.

7. The auto-brightness setting is hiding in Narnia

The update automatically turns this on and finding the toggle switch is a mission.

8. iMessage is STILL sending doubles 


9. The huge titles everywhere

As if I could forget that I'm looking at my email/texts/music?

10. Screenshot previews

The little pictures just stay in the bottom corner for a beat too long.

11. Some apps won't even launch anymore

RIP (for real) to Flappy Bird, 2013 - 2017.