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You Know You Have Senioritis When…

Motivation is out of the window and you feel like you couldn’t care any less. These feelings may be even stronger due to online classes and the pandemic…

Yep, that’s senioritis. To be more specific, senioritis is the feeling you may get in your final year of high school or college, that may bring about a decline in motivation or performance. 

I know the feeling all too well. As much as we hate to hear it, we’ve got to keep going to make it to the finish line. There is no other choice but to get this work done to get to graduation. 

For now, let’s laugh and look at some relatable experiences from our senior year to help get us through! What better way to cope than with memes? Am I right?

Clueless gif

Your mood every time a new due date is posted… Or every time you get put in another group project.


10 things I hate about you gif

When your professor explains why participation is important…


Woman laying down on a couch covered in a blanket.
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What you really look like when your camera is off during lectures


Newly Graduated People Wearing Black Academy Gowns Throwing Hats Up in the Air
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Your day dreams look a little like this 

Seriously, you’re not alone! As cliche as it may sound, enjoy what’s left of the college journey. One day, you may look back and miss the work (probably not). But you may want to relive the experience again. 

Congratulations in advance, grad! You did it!

Moya Leung is a journalism major with a concentration in public relations and a marketing minor at Georgia State University. Her interests include social media management, fashion, public relations, writing & taking pictures. Her goal is to be a Public Relations Director or Social Media Manager for a major fashion company. If it has to do with fashion, marketing or socializing, she's there. Enjoy some of her writings here and keep up with her on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.
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