Yoni Steaming and Why You're Hearing So Much About It


In roughly two months, we’ll be sliding into a brand new decade. Please, go ahead and read that last sentence again, because it's very real! It seems like, since time, the world has been handing out advice on what seems to be best for our overall vaginal and sexual health. Aside from listening to medical professionals, I try not to give in to everything that the world believes to be best for vaginal health. The gag is, a woman's Yoni knows what jobs need to be done from day-to-day and will do them exceptionally well. Because it cares so much for us, you’d think it’d be second-nature to care for our Yoni right back, but it’s very common for a oneness to not be formed between self and Yoni. None of us are 1000% perfect at caring for our genitals, but in this age, knowledge is endless. A bit of research will go a long way in helping us come across more holistic ways to care for ourselves. We must move forward with the time!

Before I press on though, let me back up and explain that ‘Y’ word you just saw.

YONI, it’s pronounced “Yo-knee” and is translated to mean a ‘source’ or ‘sacred space’. Whether this is your first time hearing about this or not, if you're a woman then you've got one. This is the woman’s control center for all creativity and vitality of life. The more you nourish and provide for it, the more it will give back to you and your well being. You’ve most likely seen this word in other forms such as ‘coochie’, ‘twat’, ‘p*ssy’, etc.  (*Cue “Aha” moment*)  


It’s been a personal goal of mine to toss those words, because they're a misrepresentation of female anatomy. I believe that there’s a lot of power in the tongue, and using derogatory terms towards our genitals is just another part of the problem, but that’s where healing comes in to break those patterns. Yoni steaming (a.k.a. “v-steam”) has risen to be known as one of today’s popular methods of internal cleansing and purification. When it comes to steaming, I’ve only done this once, but I’m here to say that it really is a life changing experience! It can be a solo trip or a trip to take with your sistah-girls! I suggest having a group for an even more exciting experience, but either way you do it the benefits are rewarding each time. 10 out of 10 would recommend! 


So, what exactly do you get from sitting on a "box" and steaming your Yoni?

Steaming is a helpful tool on the journey to self-(re)discovery. It provides exposure to the truer and more lively parts of oneself. Before the service, you'll be asked to disrobe and to put on a gown-like cover up that will be provided by the practitioner(s). The herbs and steamer will be prepared beneath your seat and you will be asked to take a seat on a box with a hole cut out for the vagina. You will be exposed to the steam and the gradual heat will aid in the Yoni receiving the herbal treatment. Think of it as a really warm hug from the waist down, because it will get very warm down there during the process. I'm not trying to scare anyone, it's not that hot, but I vividly remember having to lift my gown to release some heat a few times. It was the most heat in one area I’d experienced in a while, but in such a good way. All women are unique, so no two steaming experiences will bring on the same results. However, there are many similar responses to the experience reported by women who've steamed. Many women have experienced an increased sense of physical and/or emotional awareness after the service. There are other testimonies stating that they have experienced less menstrual pains and fewer problems during sex after steaming. Steaming also may be the onset of a healing process for any past traumatic sexual experiences one may have experienced. 

Is There a Catch to This?

Most services that cater to body enhancement or treatments have a set of conditions that all clients must be checked for before beginning the service. Steaming is a beneficial practice for sure, but there are some exceptions to having this service be accessible. Practitioners are trained to ask certain questions beforehand to ensure that there are no pre-existing hazards that could harm the client. They have the right to politely decline providing this service for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

1. If you have an IUD, (an implanted form of birth control), then it is advised that you do not steam because of the properties of the IUD being exposed to the steam and herbs. This may aggravate the contraceptive and its surrounding space.

2. If you are on your menstrual cycle, please do not steam. This is unsanitary and would probably cause a bit of a mess for you and the practitioners. Just sayin'.. 

3. If there are open wounds near or on your vagina, it is recommended that you not steam until the wound(s) are fully healed. I'd hate to injure myself further by steaming wounded flesh. (I cringe just from imagining that burn).

4. If you are pregnant or expecting pregnancy, please do not steam! The strength of the heat alone could cause serious harm to the unborn and cause serious complications for the mother. 

IMO, every woman should look towards having this done at least once in her lifetime. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll be sliding into a new decade which means finding more holistic ways to take care of ourselves. Let's all slide into 2020 with useful tools on our belt. Be curious, ask questions, and start up some research about your vaginal health!

XO, Na’imah