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Why You Should Read the Book before Watching the Movie

As a collegiate, it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy a good flick every once in a while. These days, most movies that come out are based on “New York Times” bestsellers by popular or well-known authors. Movies like Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games are just a few of these popular series and box office hits that have created such large and committed fan bases.

There’s a constant debate amongst moviegoers and book-nerds about whether or not you should take the time to read the book before seeing the movie. Is it really that big of a deal, does it really affect your expectations of the movie, and is it really worth the time and/or money? The answer is yes.

Although reading the book isn’t necessarily required, it’s definitely recommended, especially if you’re a person that cares greatly about plot, backstory, and character development.

Movies, as we all know, don’t depict the book as accurately as we would like. Books contain so much information that it’s not possible to create a film including every little detail without having it last for hours. Of course, everyone depicts things differently, so unless the author is breathing down the film director’s neck, you’ll be getting what the director’s envisioned while keeping it at an allotted time.

Movies compliment the book. The story is being brought to life; which to some, feels like seeing a friend you’ve been getting to know face to face for the first time. With all the cinematic greatness out there, it’s hard not to be excited about one of your favorite novels becoming an upcoming film.

Being an individual that loves books, there’s nothing better than the connection that’s created when following a character’s journey through the story. Character development plays an important role when it comes to novels, so once the film hits theatres, your expectations will be high. You’ll know the story from beginning to end, so all that will matter is whether or not the actors and producers created a final product worth seeing.

With that being said, whether you’re already a book-loving crazy person or someone who can’t even stand to look at one, head over to your local library, bookstore, or borrow one from a friend and start your literary journey. You’ve got nothing to lose!  

Ashley Mayo is a recent graduate Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Art in Journalism. She has a passion for reading self-help and fiction books, writing, women's health, and a large cup of caramel coffee. Her personal goals include discovering her purpose, loving herself, and having a happy, fulfilling life.
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