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Tamia Monique Carter, commonly known as Flo Milli, is a 21-year-old rapper who released her debut single, “Beef FloMix,” in 2019. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Flo Milli gained the public’s attention after her songs started surfacing on TikTok through challenges and dance trends. From there, interviews, song collaborations and photoshoots came instantly. If you didn’t listen to Flo Milli before, here are three reasons why you should look into her discography right now.

She Inspires Confidence

Regardless of what song you decide to listen to, Flo Milli will always remind you of who you are and why your confidence level should always be on ten. With lyrics like, “I’m a boss so it cost just to talk to me,” and “I’ve been in my bag, don’t got time to be in my feelings,” she gives a reminder to all her female listeners to uplift their attitudes and focus on working hard to make their dreams a reality instead of being held back by distractions.

She Represents Diversity in the Music Industry

The era of female rappers is definitely now. In the past ten years, we’ve been introduced to a variety of female artists who’ve brought originality, looks and lyrical substance to the table, and Flo Milli brings all three. While black artists primarily dominate the female rap genre, colorism is a topic that arises. There simply aren’t enough dark skin female rappers that are producing billboard records or gaining the media’s attention in a positive manner. Flo Milli does both effortlessly and shows other young women who look like her that success is not impossible.

She Supports and Gives Back to Her Community

Last summer, after the tragic and unjustified deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, Flo Milli found herself infuriated with the recent events and went back to her hometown to protest with others. On Instagram, Milli said, “Watching everything unfold while I sat back didn’t sit right with my soul, I had to get up. We have the power to make a change, it starts with us. Don’t continue to stay silent, you can still do something.” Later in December, Flo Milli, along with others, hosted a toy giveaway in Mobile to families in need who were impacted financially due to COVID-19.

Today, Flo Milli has one studio-produced album that she released in 2020 but remains consistent with her music and continues to put out singles. Despite her young age, Flo Milli continues to be a powerhouse in the music industry.

Nia-Simone Sherwood is a journalism major at Georgia State University. Her interest includes playing the guitar, creating funny videos, and writing. Nia-Simone hopes to work with youth who are also interested in journalism and help build their journalistic skills.
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