Why Studying With Friends Can Do More Harm Than Good

Exams are near and here. We've procrastinated all semester and now we're all freaking out about final grades. At this point, we're looking for extra credit and group study sessions. As college students, group study sessions sounds like a great idea .......... until it's actually time to study and take the exam the next day. Studying with others can motivate us to understand the information better or to get the work finish quicker. However, studying in groups may not always be the best idea when you've waisted time on social media, eating pizza or talking about anything and everything instead of reading the textbook. Here's a list of reasons why studying with friends can do more harm than good. You might be better off studying by yourself to pass your exams. 

You Fall Asleep Too Soon Trying to Pull An All-Nighter

Okay, great! You've had enough coffee and plenty of snacks. Now, you're wide awake right? WRONG! Coffee wears off and once you crash, you crash! Two bad things can happen trying to pull an all-nighter. One, if you successfully pull the all-nighter, you're going to be exhausted trying to take the exam and your brain can't fully function. Two, if you're like me, you're going to fall asleep before you even get a chance to study at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning. Create better study habits and try to study as early as possible during the day so you can sleep at night. 

You Binge Watch Television Shows on Hulu and Netflix

You've convinced yourself and your classmates or friends that you're all going to be super productive and cover alot of material. WRONG! Instead you guys decide to binge watch your favorite television shows on Netflix or Hulu. This happens often if you guys decide to study at someone's house instead of the library. A break can be a disaster waiting to happen when you want to watch one episode of Riverdale and it turns into six episodes. Don't set yourself up. Keep studying and don't watch television during a break. The urge is way too strong. 

You Party Instead of Practice

Everyone decides to practice statistics and algebra equations for class to pass the final exam. Practice makes perfect when you turn a little music on. WRONG! Someone out the group is going to turn on some tunes. You think you're going to study math problems but instead a small party happens. Next thing you know, you're having a little kickback at the house instead of studying at a quiet coffee shop or the library. Music is playing, everyone is dancing, and nobody is studying. If it's not classical music to keep the brain cells flowing and focused on the material, don't do it.

You Can't Concentrate With All the Chatter

You friends might want to chat about plans for Christmas break. That's okay, right? WRONG! Studying in small groups is one thing. Studying in large groups is another. The bigger the group, the more talking there is. It's even worse if there are too many conversations on different topics. If you're anything like me, you don't like to do a lot of talking when you are trying to study or read the textbook material. Talking about anything but the class material can be a distraction. Do yourself a favor. If you are serious about passing your exams, study by yourself to stay focused. 

You Decide to Have Fun .... Somewhere Else

Getting a little fresh air during the study session break is always a great idea .... at the grocery store. WRONG! You think you guys are going to leave the library or someone's house to take a breather or get a healthy snack for the study session. Instead, your friends decide to have fun somewhere else to take their minds off the stressful exam coming up. Studying flashcards can easily turn into a trip to Walmart pushing your best friend in a grocery cart. Study, pass the exam first and save the fun for later. 

Alright, I probably didn't convince you that studying in groups with friends is not the way to go and may do more harm than good. However, studying by yourself has many benefits. The best thing about studying by yourself is that YOU are in control. You pick the time, location, music, snacks, and studying strategies. You can read the textbook or use flashcards. You can study at the library, in your dorm, or at the local coffee shop. It is all up to you. Your only responsibility is to hold yourself accountable and STUDY. You got this. Good luck on your exams!