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Why I Believe Pets Are the Cure to Loneliness

I don’t know about you all but I recently adopted a pandemic puppy, and I think it was the best decision that I could ever make.

Before I got Azula, my beautiful three-month-old pit bull, I struggled with anxiety and loneliness. I live alone, and though I love my personal space, I would still feel lonely from time to time.

Transparency moment: I sometimes disliked being alone with my own thoughts, and I’d get depressive episodes where I just wanted to lay in bed all day or wake up at 2 p.m.  Being unable to see friends as much, especially during a pandemic, forced me to have to deal with being by myself. I felt like something was missing, but adding a puppy definitely eased up the air in my home.

smiling puppy in dog bed by jamie street
Photo by Jamie Street from Unsplash

These days, I come home and Azula’s waiting to give me all the love. It makes me look forward to opening my front door. A pet is a lot of responsibility, but having to wake up in the morning to take her for walks allows me to get up out of my bed and get vitamin D from the sun which brightens my mood.

Trinity Kubassek

Dogs also can feel your energy, and whenever I am starting to feel anxious, nervous, or sad, she comes ready to cuddle and give me kisses, and it brings a smile to my face. The house is also never quiet with either her having the zoomies and running around, or with her squeaking her toys, which literally makes me realize that I am no longer lonely. 

woman sitting with magazine and dog in the morning
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I know it’s a huge leap, but I recommend you get a pet. Notice how the responsibility of a pet that loves you can reduce loneliness. 

My name is Rodjinie and I am from Haiti. I am a Georgia State University student studying Interior Architecture and one day hoping to get my Masters in Architecture.
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