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What We All Can Learn from the Inaugural Week of Women

ICYMI or if you simply do not attend Georgia State, the Student Government Association joined forces with other female led organizations on campus to bring us the first ever, Week of Women. While each event was totally different, engaging and focused on a different topic they all provided the one thing that GSU sometimes looks over, which are opinions on issues that students find important.

Source: Drenay Everett, HCGSU Co-YouTube Director

The relevance of menstrual health and women’s rights goes beyond the pink tax and whatever version of feminism one may claim. Instead this relevance plays up the role of intersectionality (or the lack thereof), representation, unheard realities and so many more narratives that are not always foreshadowed when entering a world that you may not exist in. This week, was one that was needed and is something that must continue on our campus and beyond.

Source: Drenay Everett, HCGSU Co-YouTube Director

So, what did you miss? This week brought up the conversation of what sex trafficking looks like, what periods actually feel like and all of the other myths that go untackled because sometimes, people just do not know. If anything, this week showed that GSU students, men and women, have a natural concern for what happens on and around our campus and maybe, just maybe there was never a platform for it until now.

SourceDrenay Everett, HCGSU Co-YouTube Director

For those who attended, we of course are so glad that you enjoyed the food, fun, games and giveaways but are even more excited that you took the time to engage in conversations around taboo and hard topics. I mean lets be honest, not many men are willing to talk about periods and not many people 100% understand what sex trafficking is. You allowed us to bring you knowledge that is sharable and allows you to make the change that you want to see on campus and beyond.

Overall, our largest purpose was to make sure that everyone’s story could be heard and brought to light, even if it was just a week to do it. Can we say, mission completed? If you like what SGA, EmpowHer, the Feminist Center and Her Campus GSU brought to you make sure that you are following us on Instagram for the latest updates on events and programming that we may offer!

*The Images above are from the Week of Women event hosted by HCGSU titled Her Hygiene*

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