Want to Spice Up Your Natural Hair Looks? Try These Accessories

So, you’ve finally mastered your twist out after watching tutorials on YouTube for months. You’ve been redoing the style for months like a pro, loving the volume of your curls and basking in all of the compliments you receive. But over the past couple of weeks, you’ve slowly been wanting – more. Is it a pop of color, a little extra bling, or something edgy you’re desiring? We’ve got you covered on the multiple ways in which you can add a unique twist to your hairstyle:  Smiling woman wearing flower crown Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

  1. 1. Beads

    Remember those days when you’d shake your head back and forth to hear the beads on your braids bouncing off one another? Beads are one of the main accessories from every black girl’s childhood, but they are not only exclusive to adolescence. Whether you’re rocking Fulani braids or mini twists, you can string a couple of beads onto just about any twisted or braided hairstyle to dress up your hairdo and still maintain a mature look. Tip: wooden, black, or white beads are perfect neutral colors that will go with any outfit.

    Check out this tutorial to see how you can create a cute hairstyle using beads.

  2. 2. Hair Cuffs

    Hair cuffs are commonly associated with being used to accessorize box braids. Interestingly, though, they are not limited to this style. There are several ways to incorporate hair cuffs in natural hairstyles. You can place a couple of hair cuffs on each flat twist or cornrow, or add them to the ends of hanging twists or braids to give a similar look to beads. These are a great way to finish off a hairstyle and complement any outfit varying from casual to glam.

    This Instagram post lets you see how you can include hair cuffs into a hairstyle.

  3. 3. Word Hair Pins

    Word hair pins have recently taken the beauty world by storm. These popular pins are a great piece to add to your hairstyle when you want to make a statement. Whether you feel like letting the world know your love for love, setting the record straight that you ARE a queen, or simply showcasing your name, there are countless options of word pins to express yourself. One way to use this trendy accessory is by sliding one or multiple pins onto the surface of a smooth, sleek bun.

    Watch this video to see different ways you can use word hair pins.

  4. 4. Hair Rings

    Hair rings are an edgy and fun addition to add to your hair accessory collection. Naturally, these produce a bold statement. As a result, they're perfect to wear at a concert or on a night out with your friends. But, depending on how you style them, they can be tamed down enough to create a more casual look. 

    Follow this link to a tutorial to see how you can style hair rings.

  5. 5. Craft Wire

    Using craft wire as a hair accessory is an innovative way to make a hairstyle regal. Because craft wire has such a vibrant color, it draws extra attention when used on the hair. Slowly thread the wire through french braids or wrap it around a bun, the options are endless. Note: often, the ends are sharp, so be careful when manipulating this tool, ensuring you don’t cause breakage or even end up cutting yourself.

    Check out this video to see how you can jazz up a simple ponytail using wire.

  6. 6. String

    An alternative to craft wire, string is more flexible to use and softer on the hair. This material is easily found at most craft stores in a variety of colors, from neutrals to pastels, to bright ones. Using the same technique as craft wire, include this in your next hairstyle to add some color, just in time for spring. 

    Click this link to see an example of how you can use string in your hair.

  7. 7. Colorful Rubber Bands

    Curly girls all across social media have come up with elaborate hair designs using rubber bands. Ranging from zig-zags, crisscrosses, or in the form of a headband, you name it. Additionally, using colorful elastics gives the style another dimension. Next time you want to liven up your high puff, buy some rubber bands from the hair store, and follow one of the endless tutorials online.

    Watch this video to see a variety of ways in which you can use colorful rubber bands in your hairstyle.

  8. 8. Pearl Hair Pins

    Pearls are an accessory that gives an outfit that refined, elegant look. Not only can you wear them in the form of necklaces or bracelets, but even as hair pins. Next time you wear an updo for a special occasion, make sure to include some pearl pins to give the style a sophisticated flair.

    Check out this post to see how you can elegantly style pearl pins.

  9. 9. Barrettes

    Similar to the purpose of word hair pins, barrettes snap into place to keep those stubborn curls secure and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Opt for a few neon barrettes when you want to add a pop of color or go for one large bedazzled barrette for when you’re going after the glitz and glam look. 

    Watch this tutorial to see an example of how you can use barrettes.